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Gurudongmar Lake

We always try to search the best and new places of India for our global users. The place we are going to discuss for our readers is Gurudongmar Lake. Also known as Gurudogmar Lake that is listed as highest lakes of the globe. This lake is located on the good altitude of 5,210 m. Gurudongmar is the town comes under Sikkim, India. The only gap of 5 km allows voyagers to reach the spot easily. However, the trekking route is a little difficult for voyagers. Overall, it is the adventurous place for voyagers. You can attain the route of Lachen through Thangu to reach the Gurudongmar lake by road.

If you go through images of Gurudongmar Lake then you will come to know the beauty of the spot. Images express more than words and because of that you should go through amazing videos and images of Gurudongmar lake. We are sure you will prepare for this destination once you go through wonder photos of the lake.

Gurudongmar lake is the freshwater pond located in Kangchenjunga hills. The lake is connected to Tibetan Plateau as well. It is the major source of streams for River Teesta. If you are planning to enjoy ice at this highest lake place, then visit the spot between November to May. The lake itself gets covered with ice at such period.

People recognize this lake town for the striking Gurdwara known as Gurudongmaar Sahib Ji. Few important facts about this place are mentioned below:

  1. This historic temple is located close to Gurudongmaar Lake that is the town of Sikkim. The state Sikkim is famous for Himalaya ranges.
  2. Gurudongmar is 150 km away from Gangtok the capital city of Sikkim. Altitude of this Lake town is 18,000 feet and the glacial peak is best spots to view. September to May is the period of heavy snowfall.
  3. Devotees of Guru Nanak Dev ji believe he visited here during to China. Some footprints, his walking stick dugs are still available in the Gurudwara area. A pond known as Amrit Kund was made by Guru ji as well.

Gurudwara Renovation: This holy temple was renovated by Indian Army 22 Sikh Regiment during their tenure of Dec-2009 to May-11.

Our spot Gurudongmar Lake is located on North Sikkim in Yumthang Valley. The wonder towns situated closer to Lachen and Lachung are other best visiting spots for voyagers. Gurudongmar lake town as named after Guru Dongmar of Sikkim. We can say the lake is having religious values of the local people.

Once you reach the location you should not miss the view of Mount Khanchendzonga and Siniolchu. Both hill areas are able to take a breath away from our body because of their charm and beauty. The lake is completely surrounded with snow and icy water. As per sources Guru Dongmar (also recognized as Guru Padmasambhava) sanctified this lake. That is the reason one portion of the lake never freezes in extreme chilled conditions as well.

How to reach Gurudongmar Lake?
Your journey starts from Gangtok and you have to cover the distance of 8 to 9 hours’ to reach Gurudongdmar Lake. You will cross some more amazing nature beauty, towns during the journey such as Lachen and Thangu.

Time to visit: November to June is finest period to reach, though, chilled weather could be little difficult for you.

Do's & Don'ts: Get sunglasses along with Polaroid film to protect your eyes from direct sun rays. UV lenses are the best option as well because people faced white blindness issues at this place by watching direct to the sun. A trek of lake town is a little difficult, so better to halt at Lachen before starting a journey from Gangtok. Lachen is best town of night halt and morning journey is preferred to reach Gurudongmar. This way you can also acclimatize yourself with the weather conditions of the town. Light snack items are preferred as a food item and please don’t travel with empty stomach. Get an ID proof along with you and take some general medicines like headache, pain killer, fever, etc. Heavy woolen clothes will help to you travel comfortably in chilled weather.