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Papikondalu - Holy Town of Andhra Pradesh

Indians are mythological, godly and have faith in God, and we always correlate the things as wish of God. Lord Rama, Goddess Sita is big proof of our devout values. Lord Rama spent his most valuable period of life because of exile given by his father. During their deport they visited countless places of India. If you go through history, you will find that Lord Rama started is journey from North, and he came to the last point of India in South as well. One of the places in Andhra Pradesh known as PapiKondalu is listed as hill range of Khammam region. This town is closer to Bhadrachalam that is popular spot as the sources say Goddess Sita was kidnapped by Ravan at Bhadrachalam town only.

In real Papikondalu is a mixture of two different names such as Papidi Kondalu that is a hill range of this area. The huge river Godavari gets split because of this hill. Today Papikondalu peaks are in demand for AP travelers. Lots of Tourism departments are having direct buses for Papikondalu hills. Once you reach here you can enjoy the dense forest, camps, and boating that will take you to the real temple of Bhadrachalam from Papikondalu.

Kollur village is available where you can do the night stay if you want to enjoy more to this place. The attraction part for this village it is covered by dense forest. That means once you are in the village you can enjoy the real jungle life of India. Forest department suggests not to go out in the night if you are not aware of Kollur village routes. However, the natural scenery of town and best waterfalls located at Munivaatam is enough to take your breath away. It is totally peaceful area having fresh air. The town is completely different than cities that are crowded and full of noise.

Few key attractions of Papikondalu are:
1. Shiva temple at Munivaatam.
2. Polavarm project.
3. Teak, Arjun and Rose Wood forest.
4. Natural vegetation farms
5. Real wildlife in dense forest.
6. Eastern Ghats and Godavari River.
7. Boating in Godavari River.
8. Bird Watching.

People visited this place are having different opinions. Some say the place is not attractive, though maximum people are agreed that it is the unique and adventure place where you are getting to watch the live wild animals like cheetah, tiger, bore, snakes and many more. This is the reason why forest department warns the visitors to be attentive all time. I personally believe Papikondalu is the place where a strong hearted person should only visit. Of course, it is natural beauty spot the danger is always there of your life. It could be your memorable moment or the most horrifying time in your life. Online ticket booking is available for accommodation, boating and some more services. You need to prepare mentally and physically to enjoy this wonder place.

Rajahmundry is another big tourist attraction closer to Papikondalu. The city is having countless scenic spots.

When we talk about the Papi Hills, you can have to get the boat from Rajahmundry. It is approximately eight-hour distance and steamers; speed boats and big yachts are available for Papikondalu. A single steamer can carry around 50 to 60 people at the time. The finest feature of such a journey is it is full of adventure like you can enjoy the cool water, tilting boat, wild animals moving of the jungle, etc.

Papikondalu is having tribal communities as well though they are on hills. These communities are Pattiseema and Perantalapalli. The major source of living of these tribal coms is fishing and farming. You will be surprised if you visit the handicraft pieces of these communities. Few more interesting things that people love are riverside camping, trekking and jungle breakfast.

Papikondalu is having religious values of India, though few of the spots are best among all. Go through mentioned details to learn about the most demanding places of Papikondalu:

Bhadrachalam Temple: This temple is related to Indian myth because sources say Ravana kidnaped Sita Mata from Bhadrachalam. You will find several signs and indications of her to kidnap at this temple. River Godavari is always flowing with high pressure. On every Ram Navami, the water level of river Godavari gets increase and tries to enter the temple to touch the feet of Lord Rama Idol. There is one more temple in Bhadrachalam that is also of Lord Rama. It is built on peak of Bhadragiri.

Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary: A jungle safari spread in 591 square km is the next place to visit in Papikondalu. The sanctuary starts from East Godavari area and ends to Khammam regions. This park is the home of several dangerous animals such as tiger, leopard, hyena, snake and many more.

Perantala Palli: A village with limited land area is home of fishermen and ancient Lord Shiva temple. You can touch this town if you follow the route between Rajahmundry to Kunavaram. 

Pattisam: A pilgrimage place near river Godavari is next spot to visit. This shrine is dedicated to God Veerabhadra.

Kinnerasni Wildlife Sanctuary: One more important spot located at 12 km distance from Paloncha. It is the bio preserve park also a part of Dandakaranya forest.

How to reach Papikondalu?
Rajahmundry is the closest city connected to various parts throughout the country.

By Air: Domestic airport of Rajahmundry is allowing visitors to reach the city by air. Direct flights for Rajahmundry are available from Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and many other cities.

By Bus: AP tourism is having buses for Papikondalu from Hyderabad, Rajahmundry and other cities. However, services for Rajahmundry are in high level so reaching this town is better option. Hyderabad town is located at distance of 300 km from Papikondalu.

By Train: Rajahmundry is the big station connected to different parts throughout the country.
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