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Ziro - Hill Station of Arunachal Pradesh

Our purpose is to introduce known and unknown tourist destinations to the world. Today our prime target is Ziro that is the town of Subansiri region, Arunachal Pradesh. This wonder hill station of amazing state is popular as pristine towns throughout the country. Apani Tabu tribe is major spot of Ziro. 

Paddy and Fish system makes Ziro this town different than a whole country. Hapoli is nearest one more tourist place of India. Ziro is that beautiful that we can’t express its charm in words. You can view the stunning images through search engines. This Indian tourist place is full of greenery and trekking spots. If you have done trekking earlier than you will be surprised with Ziro as the location is having the diverse trekking site such as Talley Valley. This hot spot is famous as bio diversity town having beautiful Shiva Linga temple at Kardo. 

An attraction of Ziro:
Talley Valley Wildlife Park: A national park spread in 337 square km is leading attraction of town. Whenever you plan to visit a national park, you should gather some information like what is best of such a park. If we evaluate this forest, then you are getting a huge range of flora.  

Meghna Cave Temple: Shrines and holy towns are always more important for Indians. Where ever you go; you will find the temples and many religious spots as people from India having huge faith in God. Ziro is having caved temple known as Meghna. It is the ancient temple nearly 5000 years old rediscovered in 1962. 

Kile Pakho: A place located at the only gap of 7 km is another spot for tourism known as Kile Pakho. If you believe my words, I love nature places and Kile Pakho is one of my best natural beauty spots. Its scenery is delighted and if you check the reviews of other nature lovers, you will find this place as most demanding the favorite spot. 

Midey: Do you love blue pine trees? If so, then Midey is spot for you as the place is having full of biggest pine trees. To view these trees reach to Apatani Valley that is few km distances from Midey. 

Ziro Puto: The first hillock of Ziro declared after independence of India. Technically, the place is known as Army Puto. 

Ziro tourist attraction list is longer, and you can visit these destinations. Some of the key spots of Ziro are Dolo Mando, Hapoli, Dilopolyang Manipolyang, Pine Groove, Tarin Fish Farm, Bamboo Groove and Tipi Orchid Research Centre.  

How to reach Ziro?
The big closest station to reach Ziro is Itanagar located at 147 km distance. The other cities having direct connection to Ziro are Kohima at 526 km and Guwahati and 427 km distant. 

By Train: Tezpur is the closest railway station to reach Ziro. Trains for Tezpur are attainable from various cities of India. Local bus and private taxis are available from the outer part of Tezpur station. Tezpur is properly connected with Guwahati, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and many other cities of nation. 

By Road: Tezpur is the only city that is connected to Ziro through rail and road. You can get the buses from the Tepur for Ziro. Buses for Tezpur are accessible from Kolkata, Silchar, Itanagar, Lakimpur and few more cities of Arunachal Pradesh. 

By Air: Tezpur air hub is connected to Kolkata, Silchar, Delhi and many other cities of India. International visitors can reach to Kolkata to reach Ziro through Tezpur.
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