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Anantapur: Historical City of Andhra Pradesh

India’s glorious city Anantapur is the prime target today. This Indian tourist place is famous as a holy region. However, the city is having different nearby best tourist attractions that mean if you reach the Ananthapur then you can enjoy many other tourism locations.

Ananthapur is also known as Anantpuram and Anantpur so don’t get confused if you get different spellings on the internet while searching for this destination. This city is the headquarters of Anantapur region AP (Andhra Pradesh) state, India. The city played a vital role in 2nd World War for British East India Company.


The semi-arid climate with dry and hot conditions can disturb you, but the place is really impressive for voyagers. Summer is not a good season to visit as you will not be able to roam outside during the day time due to high temperature. Winter and the pre-monsoon rain that starts in March is a good time to reach the spot. The best period for Ananthapur is between Septembers to January. 

Talking about tourism spots in the city, there are limited locations to visit. However, the surrounding spots are amazing and must attain destinations. Once you reach the Ananthapur then you must go to the surrounding tourist places of the city. 

Attractions in/nearby Anantapuram:


The first place of the city is Dharmavaram that is located in a gap of 46 km from the central part of the city. Dharmavaram is 200 KM away from Bangalore. You will get the city transport from Anantapur to reach Dharmavarm. This initial place is having historical values like this place was ruled by King of Bijayanagar Vidya Empire around 500 years ago. Don’t forget to visit the Dharmavaram tank that is one of the largest tanks of the region. Dharmavaram town is famous for the shrine of Sri Lakshmi Chennakesava. Silk Saree of the town is famous and exported to abroad nations as well.  


Next tourism spot of Ananthapur is Gooty that is just 52 km away from the town. You have to get the Kurnool to Bangalore highway for Gooty. Here you can visit the old fort of AP (Andhra Pradesh). You will get the local transport for Gooty from Anantapur. The fort constructed at this place is actually special because of hill area. You have to trek 300 meters height to reach the fort. Construction was done during the ruling period of Vijayanagara Kingdom. Structural design of Gooty fort is different than other monuments of India so we can say it is must visit a place of Ananthapur.  


Once you are in the town you can attain to Hemavathi that is another tourist spot of the area. Hemavathi is located at 37 km distance from Madakasiri, though Ananthapur is 148 km away from this place. Hindupur is the closest railway station to reach Hemavathi. In ancient period this town was the capital of the rulers of Pallavas Empire. Chola architectures were famous in that period and you will find several monuments in the town of Chola structural designs. It is a historical destination and by visiting this spot you will learn a lot about the history of ancient Ananthapur. 


located at 50 km distance from Anantapur on Bangalore highway. Local people recognize this spot as Ghangari. Here again, you will get the amazingly constructed fort and the strategic view of the town. 


one of the important tourist attractions of Anantapur region is Lepakshi. This town is well-known for historical view located at 110 km distance from Anantapur. Hindupur is the closest another tourist attraction of this town.  


As there are many places to visit in Ananthapur, Tadipatri is one of them located at 90 km distance from the destination. In Tadipatri you can visit Chintala Venkataramana shrine. Here you can enjoy the Pennar River flows from 1 km distance of the temple. 

Aluru Kona: 

A small town at 5 Km distance from Tadipatri is next place to visit. The ruler Bukkaraya constructed Ranganatha Swami temple in 1334 AD. Here a small waterfall is one more attraction for the voyagers. 

There are many more locations that are famous of Ananthapur such as Penna Ahobilam, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Thimmamma Marrimanu, Kadiri, Puttaparthi, Vemana Samadhi, GUGUDU and Yadiki Caves. Each spot is best and you should not miss them once you are in Ananthapuram region. 

How to reach Anantapur?

By Air: Closest International airport is Bangalore, though Puttaparthi is having airport too. Domestic travelers can get the flights for Puttaparthi and abroad users can reach the spot through Bangalore. 

By Train: Railways are the best mode of transport in India. For tourism, railway department is having special trains for passengers. However, Anantapur is the Indian tourist place that is linked to big cities of India like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Vishakhapatnam, and Pune. 

By Road: Get the public transport like state buses to reach Anantapur easily. NH 7 pass from this city that link this place with many metropolis so that travelers can reach the destination easily.
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