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Bomdila: Hill Station of Arunachal Pradesh

I love traveling to different places and that makes me excited to learn about new destinations. My basic purpose for traveling is to discover such locations that are not explored to the world. India is the prime target as there are countless spots that are yet not known to the world, though these places are amazing and having world’s best attractions. 

Indian tourist place such as Bomdila is my target of the day. Frankly speaking this is the small urban city at good height of 8500 feet from the sea level not developed that much. Key attractions of Bomdila are landscape and snowy peaks. Such peaks are of Himalaya so it’s definitely going to be excited for the travellers.  

Bomdila is under Kameng region having some best attractive spots to visit. However, cool climate could be reason for the travelers and most of the time temperature is low. You can also enjoy the Apple orchards, snow-capped peaks and Gompas of Buddhist community. Few amazing spots of this town are described in this short note so that you can plan if the place is suitable for your holidays or not.  

Attraction in Bomdila:
Sessa Orchid Sanctuary: A park founded in 1979 is initial place to visit in Bomdila. This sanctuary is spread in 100+ square km area and Doimara & Tenga are two dense forests that you can enjoy here. This could be real jungle experience for you because the cottages in the forest are amazing. Deep valleys and high hills view are few more impressive part of this park. Some seasonal waterfalls are available too for the visitors. If you love to watch red panda then Sessa Sanctuary is best place for you. Avoid reaching here between April and October as it is the heavy rainfall period of this place. 

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary: Adventurous people love to location that is more excited. If you feel the same then you are getting a chance to attain Eaglenest Wildlife Park that is close to Sessa Sanctuary. This national park is spread in 217 square km area offering remarkable views of waterfalls from low height. Kameng River is flowing from this region and this river is surrounded with the lush greenery. However, the park is not dangerous but you will find lots of adventurous spots here. Birds such as eagle, kingfishers, hornbill, pheasants and ducks are common to watch in this park. You might get a chance to watch Bengal tiger, Red Panda, Elephant, Langur, Black Bear and some more wild animals if you are lucky. 

Dirang Valley: Another place to visit in Bomdila is Dirang Valley that is impressive picturesque valley. It lies among Bomdila and Tawang (another big tourism place of India). Dirang is a town located in the valley and its weather is key attraction for people. Local people assist that there is a hot water spring in Dirang. The apple orchids and bird watching is favourite time pass at this place.

Bomdila Monastery: Established in 1965 represents the mystical essence of Buddhism, located near to TORC (Tipi Orchid Research Center) in Kameng region. Tsona Gontse Monastery at this place is similar to South Tibet monasteries so don’t forget to visit such wonder location. 

Bomdila View Point: As there are many viewpoints in Bomdila so you are getting points to watch nature closer. Bomdila View Point is spectacular and the highest peak is like breath-taking view of town. Nechipu Pass is easily viewable from this point. 

R.R. Hill: I believe hills are always best to visit and if you are in the same category then try to reach R.R. Hill that is Bomdila’s highest peak point. From this point you can easily vision border of Tawang and Bhutan.

Ethnographic Museum and Craft Centre: Learn history of Bomdila town by visiting museum. However, you are getting some handmade craft items at Craft Centre as well. You can buy hand woven carpets, wall hangings, traditional masks and many other products from this craft centre. People come to Bomdila use to buy dragon designed carpets. 

Tipi Orchidarium: A place that lies close to River Bharali is our next target of Bomdila. Arunachal Pradesh claims for major orchid ranges in our nation and Tipi is one of the key orchids in such list. There are nearly 50000+ orchid varieties here in Tipi including few rarest species. The big part of this orchidarium is some new hybrid types are developed by our scientists in their orchid research centre. You can also enjoy the rafting and fishing services in Tipi Orchidarium.

Upper Gompa: Major tourist loves to visit Upper Gompa located at high hill. This monastery is having another name as Gentse Rabgyel Ling Gompa. It is basically a school to educating monk kids. 

Lower Gompa: Like Upper Gompa there is Lower Gompa as well. However, it is positioned at the centre of Bomdila. There is a huge prayer hall and followers of Buddhist regularly visit this Gompa. 

Middle Gompa: Positioned near to the bazaar in Bomdila famous as oldest gompa of the town. It is basically a treatment center of town famous for healing with Blue Medicine.

Bomdila is the beautiful urban city, though it plays an important role for Indo-China border. Plan you trip and make your holidays memorable by visiting such a wonderful place. 

Best time to visit:
April to October is suggested as best period to visit this town.

You will get local as well as some big lodgings, hotels and guest houses in Bomdila. Its better to book the room in advance as the place is having limited sources so you might get difficulty if you book in peak season. Online reservation is provided by some of the big travel organizations so take their help and get accommodation according to your comfort. 

The most important part of Bomdila is you should carry the warm clothing whenever you are planning to visit this place. 

How to reach Bomdila?
By Bus: Uttaranchal cities are quiet difficult to reach as the maximum portion is full of mountains. The closest big station to reach the spot is Tezpur that is under Guwahati region of Assam. You will get the good amount of private and state transport for Tezpur, though you get limited taxis and cabs to reach Bomdila from Tezpur. 

By Air: Closest airport for Bomdila is Tezpur, though it is the domestic airport so you will get the national flights to reach the spot. 

By Rail: Closest railway station that is properly connected to big cities of India is Rangapara, Assam.