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Ghazipur: Historical City of Uttar Pradesh

I love to travel different places and that is the reason why search for secret, known and unknown locations so that my journey will become perfect. My today’s target is Ghazipur that is also spelled as Ghazeepore, Ghazipour and Gauspur. I will refer the place as Ghazipur city as that is the most popular name of the place. Ghazipur is also a headquarters of big rich agricultural state Utter Pradesh, India. 

As per the sources Ghazipur name derives from the Ruler's name Sayyid Masud Ghazi. This Muslim ruler defeated the local King of the city and established this town as a big commercial place for his empire. Records says Ghazipur was established in 1330 CE. This town was also the major center for British East India Company. 

Opium factory established in 1820 by the British government is one of the major sources of income of the city. Ghazipur opium factory is one of the biggest plants in the world. This industry is producing a huge quantity of drugs for world pharmaceutical industries. Other big trades of Ghazipur are rose oil and perfume (attar) of roses. Handloom is also famous in Ghazipur City. 

Frankly telling the city is having limited tourist attractions, but the nearby other locations allow voyagers to enjoy the trip of Ghazipur properly. Here I am discussing some major spots that you can plan if you have decided to attain Ghazipur. 

Ghazipur: A historical city full of traditional substance of Syed Masood ruled till 1330. Earlier the city was known as Gadhipuri, though later it was changed to Ghazipur. The city is having a best Cornwallis monument that is the major attraction here. Cornwallis is made of four meters high flooring with gray marble. The big holy river Ganga is flowing from this region so you can take a holy dip in this river. Spend your beautiful time of evening at Ghats and hear the noise created by water of river Ganga.  

Pohari Baba Math: A holy place of the town located closer to River Ganga at 4 km distance is one more attraction of Ghazipur. Local transport is available from the Ghazipur station and other parts of the city to reach Pohari Baba Math.

Aunrihar: Initial location of the region is Aunrihar in the western part of Ghazipur. The only distance of 3.2 km from another town Saidpur makes it easily reachable spot. If you love to watch historical places, then Aunrihar is best for you. Here you can enjoy the archeological spots build during Muslim rulers.

Bahadurganj: Next destination close to Ghazipu is Bahadurganj situated close to River Saryu. This attractive location is 35 km far from Ghazipur founded by Sheikh Abdullah in 1742 AD. Ramnavami is the special occasion when a fair is conducted in Bahadurganj. 

Bhitari: Another tourism spot at 32 km gap from Ghazipur. Bhitari is closer to Saidpur town, though its name is derived from Bhimutri word. Great archaeological place famous for Buddhists temples. Gupt Era was the main period of the development of the town. Popular monolith made of red stone is a prime spot of Bhitari. 

Dildarnagar: Nearby cities and towns are amazing in Ghazipur and Dildarnagar is one of them. This town lies on the highway between Varanasi and Zamania. It is only 20 km far from Ghazipur. If you split Dildarnagar, then it will be Dildar (means kind hearted) and Nagar (location). The world Dildarnagar mean place of hearted people. This ancient place is famous for the hospitality of Ghazipur localities. 

Gauspur and Zamania are two more attractive places located closer to Ghazipur. Gauspur is only 14 km away and Zamania is only few km away from Ghazipur. 

How to reach Ghazipur?
The best part of Ghazipur is a different mode of transport to reach the destination. You can get the train, can come by road, select the waterways or come by air. The city is having all methods through which you can easily attain to your favorite destination. 

By Train: Ghazipur railway station is connected to major North Eastern cities of India. Trains from Varanasi, Delhi, Patna, Howrah, Lucknow, Mumbai, Amritsar, Guwahati, Chennai and many big cities of India. 

By Air: Airport at Andhau is another good method to reach the Ghazipur city. This airport is only 9 km away from Ghazipur. However, limited flights and VIP plans are only allowed to land in this airport. The biggest airport is in Varanasi that is only 90 km far from Ghazipur.

By Water: Ganga is the big river and a port of Ghazipur is connected to Haldia and Allahabad so you can reach Ghazipur through water as well.

By Road: Ghazipur is the big city of Uttar Pradesh and it is properly connected to various parts of the nation through road. Buses and private taxis are available from Shastrinagar, MahuaBaag, Rajdepur, Varanasi, Delhi and some more cities.