Kolhapur: Historical City of Maharashtra

A famous city Kolhapur is our target of the day. Kolhapur is the historical metropolis located on the bank of Panchganga River, Maharashtra, India. The striking temples, palaces and gardens are main attractions of the city. Kolhapur is having religious values for Indians. 

City was found by Chhatra Pati Tarabai and most successful ruler for the city was legend Shri Shahu Ji Maharaj and Shri Rajaram Ji. Amba Bai Temple is main shrine of the town and millions of pilgrims reach the temple every years. Dakshin Kashi is another name of the city. The unbelievable archeological and traditional heritage of the city makes it first choice for the voyagers. Kolhapuri Chappal and Jaggery are famous in the world. 

Tourism in Kolhapur is always increasing as the local administration is regularly providing packages, offers and beneficial plans for the voyagers. The maintenance of temples, monuments, forts and all heritage places are properly done by the administration.

Tourist Attraction:
Shri Mahalakshmi Temple: Initial place of city popular as Shakti Peetha of India.  The temple is also known as Amba Bai temple and Dakshin Kashi. This temple is listed in Puran’s as well. Goddess Lakshmi idol is placed in the temple and the shrine was built by Kannada Chalukya rulers. If you are planning to visit Kolhapur then you must not miss the Mahalakshmi Temple. 21st of March and September is special date of the temple because the sun light comes directly to the idols face on this day. However, rest complete year is normal with lights inside the temple instead of idol. 

Bhavani Temple: 2nd place to visit is Bhavani Temple located closer to Mahalaxmi temple. This is another holy place having big importance to local people of the city. Idol of goddess Tulja Bhavani is placed in the temple who was the elder sister Mahalakshmi.

Rankala Lake: A beautiful lake with striking garden surround is next place to visit. The garden is having swings and some entertaining areas for the children. This lake is named after Rankbhairav the incarnation of God Shiva. This is the nature made lake created after earthquake came in 8th or 9th century. 

Shalini Palace: Next tourism spot of Kolhapur is Shalini Palace located close to Rankala Lake. This monument was built between 1931 to 1934 with approx investment of 8+ lacs. Palace is beautifully maintained by state administration. The palm trees surround are enough to attract travelers to this place. 

Khasbag Wrestling Stadium: A stadium of wrestling known as Rajarshi Shahu Khasbag is located close to Keshavrao Bhosale theatre. Nearly 2000 spectators can watch a match at single time in this stadium. 

Town Hall Museum: To learn about any city museum places the important role. Kolhapur Museum is having historical collections such as paintings, sculptures, coins and weapons of ancient time. Museum is closed on Monday, though you have to travel for 1 km distance from the Malalakshmi Temple. 

Kolhapur New Palace: The monument located on Kasaba Bavda and Bahvani Mandap Road. This palace was built between 1877 to 1884 of black stone.

Art Gallery: do you love watching beautiful paintings Reach Karveer nagari the famous art gallery of Kolhapur. 

How to reach Kolhapur?
Kolhapur city is properly connected to big cities of India. You can reach Kolhapur by air, train and road. 

By Air: Mumbai International Airport is best mode for abroad as well as native travelers to reach Kolhapur. Another airport known as Ujalaiwadi is just 10 km away from the Kolhapur.

By Train: Kolhapur station is having direct trains from Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and many big cities of India. The journey hour between Kolhapur and Mumbai is 10-11 hours. 

By Road: City is having neatly maintained roads that connects it to other parts of country. Buses from Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and other cities are available for Kolhapur.