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Lambasingi: Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh

A hotspot of Andhra Pradesh that is becoming the first demand especially for hill station lovers. Our target of the day is Lambasingi that is also known as Kashmir of South India. A small town of AP with full greenery everywhere is definitely going to attract voyagers. Surrounding is covered with hills and dense forest so you are going to enjoy the nature as well as best hospitality of India at this special destination. This Indian tourist place is all time favorite spot for nature lovers.

Imagine you are at calm place and fog is spread in everywhere. You are not able to see anything nearby. 

What will be your reaction? 
Lambasingi is the kind of location that is having all such features. Lambasingi is also recognized as Lammasingi and Korra Bayalu. It is the small town of Chintaplli Mandal, Vishakapatnam region of AP. 

The most important part of this town is the temperature goes below 0 °C in winter. December and January are two most difficult months in this region due to chilled air flow. However, snow fall rarely occurs in this place, but the temperature is always low than 10 degree throughout the year. The town is having different climate than other cities of the state. Sun rises at regular time but the sunlight reach the town after 10 am every day except winter season. In winter the sun gets little bright after 12 noon. However, the light become shorter after 3 pm every day because the place get blank with thick fog after 3 pm.

The nearby forest hill station Chintapalli is one more tourist attraction. Tajangi valley is best attraction in Chintapalli. The major source of income of Lambasingi is coffee and pepper plantations. However, tourism is also increasing here so future is bright of this town. This Indian tourist place is popular for producing best coffee ever. The maximum production of coffee is exported to USA and UK nations. 

This place has coffee & pepper plantations. All these plantations are being cultivated since the British Regime in India. Coffee grown here is exported to the USA.

Talking about attraction in this place the greenery and valleys are important areas that you can cover. Some spots are famous for trekking and adventure events like camping. However, walking the area will give you more enjoyment as you will be able to watch the natural beauty closer. 

The tourist department of Andhra Pradesh is having travel packages for Lambasingi. You can contact the office through online for booking of your favorite accommodation in this town. APSRTC is providing service related to tourism in this area like you can enjoy the forest safari and can watch the real jungle closer than ever.  

How to reach Lambasingi?
By Road: Lambasingi is properly connected through road and direct buses for the town are available from Visakhapatnam, Narsipatnam, Chintapalle and some more cities. 

By Air: Vishakhapatnam is big international airport located at 101 km distance from Lambasingi. Flights for Vishakhapatnam are available from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and almost every big city of India. 

By Train: Chintapalle is closest railway station to reach Lambasingi. You just have to 19 km distance from Lambasingi.
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