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SeLa Pass - Highest Highway of Arunachal Pradesh

I feel wonder when I come to know about some of the best destinations of India. Today I am going to discuss about thee Sela Pass that is another highest highway of India connecting Tawang the top most tourist destination to our nation. General identification to this place is SeLa which means the La Pass. This is the high-altitude hill area comes under Tawang region, Arunachal Pradesh. The good elevation of 4170 meters from the sea level makes it most chilled pass of the India.

Lots of surprises are there on this route like you will get the snow covered peaks throughout the route. Se La pass is connecting you to Tawang the Buddhist city. The other end of this pass links you to another impressive city known as Tezpur. Later you will reach Guwahati and then so on.

No matter if you have plan to attain to Tawang you can get the Se La pass and can reach easily to Tawang that is located at only distance of 78 km, though Guwahati is 340 km away from Sela pass. Keep remember that you will not get any vegetation throughout the journey till Tawang. One thing is sure you will enjoy snow-covered locations at this place. It is preferred not to attain Sela pass in winter as the temperature goes to -10 degrees.

If I say the whole place is covered with snow throughout the year then it is right about the Sela pass. However, you can reach the spot in summer when the snow level is less. The excellent heavenly view of such place is major attraction for the travellers. Sela pass is having huge values for Buddhist people as they believe there are nearly 101 lakes existing in surrounding area of the pass. Among all Sela Lake is one of the beautiful lakes and because of its charm people referring it as Paradise Lake. It is partially frozen between Novembers to February so you need to be careful if you are thinking to walk on lake at such period.

Sometime the state government shut down the pass due to heavy snowfall in winter. Check the status of state government if you have plans for this place in winter. BRO (Border Roads Organization) is responsible to provide clear route to the passer-by. They work hard and give all efforts for smooth transportation in the area, though they block the route in winter for temporary if the conditions are worst.

Sela Pass is important tourism place especially for Buddhists. You will monks and devotees of Lord Buddha during your journey.

As this pass is connected to Tibet it is having historical values as well for the India. A story of brave Jaswant Singh is linked with this place as he was the Indian Army soldier who fought alone with Chinese soldiers in 1962 at the time of Sino-Indian War. Because of his bravery some part of the Sela pass is declared as Jaswant Garh. He died in the fight, of course fighting along with big army is not a simple task and surviving chances in such condition are nil. Jaswant Singh Rawat was awarded with Maha Vir Chakra for his devotion by the central government of India.

To impressive towns that are connected to both side of Sela pass are Bomdila and Jung so don’t forget to reach these places once you are pass.

For protection of route from enemy Indian army has based a big battalion at several points of Sela pass. Carry identification cards with you as army can ask for your identity at travel on this pass.

Overall, it is one of nature made beautiful place and you are definitely going to enjoy a lot at this Indian tourist place. Carry warm clothes as you might face chilled slaps of air at peak. This magnificent destination is having amazing Himalayan ranges surrounding. Your holidays will be memorable at Sela pass so prepare for it and give surprise to your family by taking them at highest highway of India

How to reach Sela Pass?
Closest big destination for our target is Tawang, though this city is having domestic airport and other sources like road service from different cities of India. Reaching this Indian hill highway is not easy task, but still you can attain to this place.