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Ajaigarh - Historical City of Madhya Pradesh

This place was a capital of a princely state with the same name during the rule of the British Raj.  In 1765, Ajaigarh was founded by Guman Singh, Abundela Raiput, a nephew of Raja Pahar who is a Singh of Jaitpur. He was captured in 1809 by the British and it became the princely state in the Bundelkhand Agency of the Central India Agency. 

Ajaigarh had an area of 771 miles (1997 kilometers) with the population of around 78,236 in 1901.  Their rulers were given the title Sawai Maharaja who commanded with estimated annual revenue of around £15,000.  At the foot of the hill-fortress of Ajaigarh, the chief stayed in the town called Nowgong from which the state took its name.  

​At this Indian Tourist Place, there is a fort that is situated on a steep hill and it stands more than 800 feet (244 meters) above the township and it has the ruins of several adorned temples with sculptures that are carved elaborately.  During the year 1868 to 1869 and 1896 to 1895, the town is always afflicted by malaria and most of the people suffered severe famine.  

On January 1, 1950, the state acceded to the Government of India, where the ruling chief was granted a privy purse of Rs 74700 and the courtesy use of titles and his own styles.  But on 1971, all of these were revoked by the Government of India.  They used to-be princely state became part of the Indian state of Vindhya Pradesh.  Most of the territory of the former state, including Ajaigarh, it became part of the Panna District, where smaller portion goes to the Chhatapur District.  It was on November 1, 1956 when Vindhya Pradesh was combined to Madhya Pradesh.  

Forts of Ajaigarh – if you and your family want to visit this Indian tourism spot and spend a royally short vacation, you can come here in Ajaigarh to see the divine temples as well as the kingly mansions.  The Ajaigarh fort shows the engineering skills of the Chandela rulers.  On the mighty Vindhaya range, you will see a structure that is 1110 meters tall and it was mainly built to protect the territory from the attack of the enemies. 

​Panna – This is another Indian Tourist place near Ajaigarh where one would experience wildlife and jungle. This small city is famous for its tiger reserve, which is spread over an area of 543 square km and diamond mines. Panna is located at Vindhyachal Ranges with an average elevation of 433 meters.  It is not visited not only for its National wild life reserves, but also for the shrines and monuments.  Other places of interest in Panna are the Mahamati Prannathji Temple, Kalinjar Fort, Pandav caves and the Panna National Park.  It is also considered a significant pilgrim site for the Pranami sect followers around the world.

Chitrakoot – this is also called Hill of Many Wonders.  It is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh as it covers the distance of 62 kilometers from East to West and 57.5 kilometers from North to South.  

​The residents of Chitrakoot speak mainly in Bundeli and Hindi.  As a holy destination, they only serve vegetarian dishes at this place.  This place is very popular for pakode, dum Bhindi, Gobi musallam, and sultani dal.  You can also find some sweet specialties at this place like petha, peda, rewri and gazak. There are several festivals and fairs being organized at this place like Dipawali, Navaratri,, Ramayana Mela, Ramnavami, Vijayadashami, Amavasya Fair and Shrawan Jhoola Mela.

Weather Conditions:
​It is the best time to travel Ajaigarh is during the months of December to March.  The temperature is around 14C with 36% of humidity and the wind coming from the East at 6kph. 

Accommodation Status:
If you plan to visit Ajaigarh, you can stay in any hotels located at Khajuraho and Panna with the price range of Rs800 to Rs20, 500.  

How to reach Ajaigarh?
By Air: If you travel by plane, the nearest airport is Khajuraho which is around 45 kilometers from Ajaigarh.  There are flights to major cities in the neighboring states.  

By Train: There are two major railway hubs, which are Khajuraho and Attara.  It is about 45 kms and 60 kms respectively to Ajaigarh.  

​By Bus: If you visit Ajaigarh via bus, it is about 25 kilometers from Panna.