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Fatehpur Sikri: Historical Place of Uttar Pradesh

Every destination is having special features, though selection of tourist place is depend on interest of visitors. Fatehpur is listed in 71 regions of UP (Uttar Pradesh), India. It is one of my favorite Indian tourist places spread in 4,152 km² area. The average population of Fatehpur district is more than 2,500,000 according to 2001 Census. However, the city is positioned at the banks of holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna. This place is having historical values as well as and also mentioned in Puranic literature of India. Some popular ghats here are Asani and Bhitaura. 

When we plan to visit attractive places for holidays we also look for surrounding areas. This is because if we get spare time then we can enjoy some more locations at same time. Fatehpur is kind of similar location that is closer to two big cities of UP. Allahabad and Kanpur are such cities famous as holy cities of India. Allahabad is also recognized as Prayag, though Kanpur is famous for restaurants and temples. Allahabad is 117 km away and Kanpur is 76 km far from Fatehpur.

Talking about the tourist attractions of Fatehpur city there are limited locations to visit. However, city is having historical values so our travelers will not get bored in the place. Some best monuments, river sites, Ghats and several gardens are most impressive spots of Fatehpur. 

As we talk about the monuments of city the world famous Fatehpur Sikri fort is one of them. Here the key attraction in this fort are Diwan-I-Am, Diwan-I-Khas and Pachisi court. 

Fatehpur Sikri: A fort that is having Buland Darwaza (Biggest entry door), cabins, gardens and many other spots. To reach Sikri you have to cover the distance of 37 kms from Agra. Fatehpur city was the dream of Mughal Ruler Akbar. He decided to make first planned city of Indo-Islamic design in India. The fort is constructed in 8 square km area and its altitude is 194 meters from sea level. Best period to reach the Fatehpur Sikri is from October to March. However, winter is chilled here so you need to take warm clothes if you have planned in winter to visit this place. 

Buland Darwaza: All set the best attraction of Fatehpur Sikri to start. This is the biggest door to enter the fort of Fatehpur set in south direction. You will find countless mosques, small and big monuments inside the fort. A deep well closer to door is another attraction for voyagers. Some of the villagers show stunts on this well which is their earning system. If you can pay a certain amount you will see lots of amazing performances of the best divers of this well. The door itself was configured after 5 years of the fort completion. This door was configured between 1576 as a victory symbol Mughal Emperor Akbar. 

Jama Masjid: Next attraction of the fort is Jama Mosque listed as first building of the complex. Construction of this holy mosque was done in 1571 with massive entry to the square. In this masjid there are three Mihrab’s in each bay decorated with marble. 

Tomb of Salim Chisti: Mughal rulers were good for architectural structures. They showed their best designs in almost every monument and Fatehpur Sikri is having similar design as well.  Here you will find the white marble tomb of greatest Sufi saint known as Salim Chisti. This tomb is built inside the Jama Masjid's courtyard. It is the single floor building built closer to central chamber. Carved net in surrounding is protection the tomb from external harms. 

Diwan-I-Aam: One of the key attractions of the Fatehpur fort is Diwan-I-Am which is also known as Hall of Public spectators. It is the multi bayed pavilion of rectangular shape fronting the large space of monument. 

Diwan-I-Khas: A one more impressive location of Sikri is Diwan-i-Khas that is built for private audience. It is the plain square structure having four Chhatri’s. Diwan-I-Khas is popular for central pillar that is made of octagonal shaft. 

Ibadat Khana: A place of worship known as Ibadat Khana is next spot to visit here. Basically it is the meeting house constructed in 1575 by Akbar. 

Anup Talao: It is the ornamental pool having four bridges. The key attractions of Anup Talao is royal enclave surround including Khwab Gah (means house of dreams). Panch Mahal and five-storey palace are few more impressive areas closer to this Talao.

Hujra-I-Anup Talao: One more spot identified as residence of wife of Akbar. 

Few other areas of Fatehpur Sikri are Birbal's House, Mariam-uz-Zamani's Palace, Pachisi Court, Naubat Khana and Panch Mahal. Birbal was the favorite minister of Akbar so a separate palace is designed for Birbal in the fort area. He was the only Hindu minister in Akbar Court. 

How to reach Fatehpur Sikri?
Closest destination to reach the destination is Agra (another impressive city of India).

By Air: Agra is having domestic airport that means you can reach our target space from any metro city of India. However, closest international airport is Delhi located at 180 km distance from Fatehpur Sikri.

By Train: You can easily avail the train for Agra from almost every city of India. Agra is the city of Taj and it is properly connected through train to all corners of nation. 

By Road: Fatehpur is reachable through road and state transport is available for the city. You will get plenty of buses and taxis from Agra, Delhi, Chandigarh and many more cities. Better to get the bus from Delhi as the multiple states are having buses from this capital city of India for various locations. Agra is next best city for state transport to Fatehpur City.


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