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Nathdwara - A City of Holy Places

One of the holy towns of Rajasthan known as Nathdwara is available for your travelers. This town of Rajasthan state is located at Aravalli hill ranges and the Banas River is flowing from nearby areas of Nathdwara. River is only 48 km far from another big city of state such as Udaipur. Nathdwara is popular for shrine of Lord Krishna and idol of Shrinath Ji. 

Construction of the shrine was done in 14th century and you will find here the infant idol that is incarnation of Lord Krishna. The interesting note about this idol is it was originally adored at Mathura, though shifted to Nathdwara in 1672. This was done to protect the idol from anti-Hindu fanatical Islamic policies made by Mughal King Aurangzeb.

Attraction in Nathdwara
Shrinath Ji Temple: One of the impressive temples of the town that holds huge religious values for the local people. This shrine was constructed in 17th century by Shrinath Ji. Devotees of Lord Krishna must visit the temple and should learn the historical changes that was done to protect the idol from anti-Hindu rule of Muslim Ruler Aurangzeb. During the transfer of the idol to Nathdwara the bullock cart used was got sank deeply and devotees were not able to take the cart out from that place. The priests decided to decide that spot as selected place of God. With the help of local workers a temple was constructed at that place during the ruling period of King Raj Singh of region Mewar. People also recognize this temple as 'Haveli of Shrinath Ji’.

Rakht Talai: Another best place to visit in Nathdwara also known as Haldi Ghati. The spot is famous for historical revenges, freedom fights and many other events. This talai is located at distance of 20 km from Nathdwara and easy transport is available from city for this destination. Here you will also find a small theatre where you can watch the short movie of 10 minutes filmed on Maharana Pratap.

Charbhuja Temple: It is listed as one of the oldest temples of Nathdwara region and it is famous as peaceful area. This religious site is known for cultural activities as well. Charbhuja is basically a place of Vishnu Temple located outskirts area of the town. If you go myth of religious books you will find this place is mentioned as 4th dham for Indian devotees. According to sources the temple is built 5000 years before. Charbhuja means four arms that means you will find the idol of Lord Vishnu with 4 arms.

Eklingji: One more holy place dedicated to deity of Sesodia Dynasty. Ekling Ji is known as another form of God Shiva. If you closely look at the idol there are four faces with all smiling impressions. Sources say the idol is constructed of 15th century. You need to reach Eklingji town where you can also enjoy the Eklingji Lake located closer to the temple.

Few more impressive spots of Nathdwara are Mavli Junction, Dwarkadheesh Temple, Giriraj Parvat, Jay Hanuman Mandir, Dheeraj Dham, Girdhar Sagar Lake, Kunteshwar Mahadev Mandir, Ganesha Takeri and Jai Shri Ram Mandir.

How to reach Nathdwara?
Attaining to this wonder holy place is possible through air, train and road.

By Air: Udaipur is the closest big air hub available for voyagers to reach Nathdwara. MPA (Maharana Pratap Airport) is available to reach the place though it’s a domestic airport so abroad travelers have to reach the IGI Airport of Delhi.

By Rail: Udaipur is again a best railway station connected properly to big cities of India. Private taxis and state buses are accessible to reach Nathdwara from Udaipur.

By Bus: Rajasthan state transport is available with various options like you can get the luxury buses and standard buses for Nathdwara from various cities of India. Private cabs are accessible as well from both almost every corner of the state for Nathdwara. State buses are available from Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Pushkar, Ajmer, Delhi and Jaipur.
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