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Chandipur - Beach Shore of Odisha

Our team always search the best tourism places for our readers. However, searching the top Indian tourist place is not a difficult task as every location of India is unique and special, but then also we are searching for the areas that are more amazing and best for the holidays. Today Indian Tourist Spot brings you one of the beach cities of Odisha known as Chandipur.

The other name of the city is Chandipur-on-sea that is famous as a sea resort of Baleswar region, Odisha. Baleswar Station is nearly 16 km away from Chandipur. This bio-diversity city is having amazing spots for the travellers. However, the attraction spots are limited, but each location is special and must visit dots of Chandipur. Mirzapur is another closest tourist destination famous for fishing market. Budhabalanga River is also known as Balaramgadi is another popular attraction closer to the destination. December and February is the best period to attend the place because summer climate conditions are quite difficult in this region. Chandipur city is so beautiful that every traveller wishes to visit again to this place.

We will not waste the time of our readers and straightaway discuss about the available tourism attractions of Chandipur.

Attraction of Chandipur and Nearby:
Chandipur Beach:
Odisha coast line has spread to nearly 480 Kms though the beaches of state are good, but Chandipur is best among them. Sometime the waves go higher and dash with the shores. However, at this place you can enjoy the musical fountain that is again amazing to watch. Bath in the sea is possible at this beach and many fishermen offering the fishing in their boats. Beware of small red crabs that are available in huge quantity at this beach. Once the sun rays get the light they come out on the beach. Chandipur beach is beautiful and people love to spend their 2 or 3 days of total holidays. If you have limited day’s tour plan, then Chandipur beach is enough for you.

Balaramgadi: Another closer tourist place located at only 2 km distance. Budhabalanga River is a key attraction of this place and the river meets the sea as well at this point.

Panchalingeswar: Next place to visit next to Chandipur is Panchalingeswar that is a holy place at 45 km. The town is located at Nilagiri Hill ranges, so you are going to have a better view of your life once you reach this town. This is the holy town where the Shiva lingam is installed. The surrounding area is covered with dense forest and users will get will scenic beauty everywhere. Experts suggest this place as one of the top trekking spots of India.

Remuna: Distance of 25 km popular for temple of Khirachora Gopinath. Guru Sri Chaitanya visited this place and worship Lord Krishna. The special Kheer (a milk preparation) is served as Prasadam to the visitor every day.

Nilagiri: only 40 km away famous for harbouring the Kuldiha National Park. The spot is impressive for trekking as well. The Jagannath Temple is famous in Nilagiri ranges as well. It is the natural beauty spot and nature lovers will enjoy more at this location.

Sajanagarh: located at 45 km distance from Chandipur and only 5 km away from Nilagiri. It is again the holy town having a famous Bundara Chandi temple.

Similipal: positioned at a good distance of 100 km from Chandipur spread in 2750 sq. km area. The real forest life is an important event of this town where you can find the Tiger as well. Other animals that are easily visible in the forest are leopards, Deer, Elephants, Crocodiles, Bear and Reptiles.

Deokund: The last but not final place to visit closer to Chandipur. Do you love waterfalls and dense forest with enchanting Sakti shrine, and then attain to Deokund.

How to reach Chandipur?
By Road: The city is properly linked to major cities of State with the road as NH 5 crosses the city. Balasore is 16 km away, Bhubaneswar is 315 km away and Kolkata is 314 km distant from Chandipur. Frequent bus services are accessible from various parts of the state for Chandipur.

By Rail: Closest railway station is Balasore and some best fast trains are crossing this city. Train for Balasore are available from New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Tirupati, Puri, Bhubaneswar and many other cities.

By Air: Bhubaneswar airport is closer at 230 km distance, though the Kolkata international airport is located at 314 km distance from Chandipur.
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