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Courtallam - Waterfall City Of Tamil Nadu

Do you love to visit the place of waterfalls? 
If you are looking for the location that is famous for natural spa, then reach Courtallam the spa town of Tamil Nadu, also known as Kutralam. Courtallam is basically a Panchayat town at good altitude of 160 meters. Tirunelveli Ghats are closer to this town and that are amazing tourism spots as well. However, most of the rivers in this area are seasonal so you will enjoy more if you visit the spot in monsoon. Among other seasonal rivers Chittar, Pachaiyar River, Manimuthar River and Tambaraparani River are main originate from such region.

The interesting part of Courtallam is there are countless small, big waterfalls and springs with amazing health resorts. Because of quality service the place is also recognized as South Indian Spa Town. Though this is seasonal town so best time to visit is from June till September. At such duration the temperature of city is cool with some breeze mild wind flow. You can visit the spot from October - December as the weather conditions are cool and you might see heavy rainfall as well.

It is the small town with natural beauties and the population strength is less too. Population for male and female is almost same and the literacy is nearly 80 %. Frankly speaking the town is closer to several other best tourist destinations like the border of Courtallam is touched to Kerala.

The place is full of Ghats and covered with charming scenic surroundings. The hilly area Agasthiarmalai is another best place to visit in the region. Some of the nearby towns to Courtallam are Tenkasi and Sengottai at equal distance of 5 km.

Waterfalls in Courtallam:
As discussed town is famous for waterfalls and natural spa areas, there are nearly 9 big and small waterfalls. We will try to cover maximum falls in this note but you might not get complete info related to such areas due to lack of information:

Palaruvi: This is one of the main falls of the town falls from good height of 60 meter. There are several ponds at this spot as the water flow is interrupted by 19 meter deep crater at Pongumakadal. Area is safe for bath, though experts suggest not to use in heavy rain fall conditions.

Chitraruvi: Small but very impressive fall of the town covered with beautiful surrounding scenic beauties. Finest feature of this tourist place is you will find the separate areas for women and men both to bathe.

Shenbagadevi falls: Next waterfall, special for Shenbaga trees (Shenbaga means Michaelia champak). A temple of Shenbagadevi Amman is special too in this place.

Thenaruvi: Located at 3 km distance from central town area. Famous as honey falls, having good height of 40 meters. Water flows from the two big stones and the empty areas of waterfall are covered with big honeycombs. This waterfall is listed as most dangerous area and public is not allowed to enter the pond spots at this place. However, some small ponds are available too to take bath and public is visiting those area to enjoy the natural spa.

Aintharuvi: There is a place famous for small and attractive five falls known as Aintharuvi.

Pazhathottam Aruvi (VIP falls): This is something different that I never heard for. This place is especially for VIP's only and normal public is not allowed to visit the waterfall area. As per local rule the area require more attention and that’s the reason it is protected for special people only.

Pazhaya Aruvi: One of the oldest falls of the town, falls in a valley from two rocks. However, the tourism department did some changes in the valley and they closed the area for some time. They broke the rocks and changed the course to make the bath easier for visitors.

Puli Aruvi: Also known as Tiger Falls, though it is artificial waterfall having moderate water flow. The structure is designed by collecting the water from different rivers and diverted to this area. The top feature of Puli Aruvi is visits of tigers at pond area for drinking water. You need to be very careful in this region because it is the tiger reserve area of Courtallam town.

There are several other small and big waterfalls such as Horticulture Park, etc. Trekkers are also getting some portion to trek so we can say this place is completely tourism and adventure spot for the travelers.

Some more attractions of Courtallam:
Therkumalai Estate at 2000 feet altitude located at 1 hour distance from central town, Boat Houses closer to Five Falls, Boat Houses at Old Courtallam Falls, Snake Park closer to Main Falls, Aquarium closer to Main Falls and Children's Park.

Courtallam is bordered with Kerala India, which means there are many more tourism places users will get once they reach the town. Few of the nearby tourist locations are:
Tenkasi: located closer to Western Ghats foothills near Courtallam Waterfalls. This town includes best accommodation areas so travelers prefer to attain to Tenkasi town if they are reaching to Courtallam town.

Temple town: South India people are having huge religious values. You will find the finest structured temples at almost every portion of towns in Tamil Nadu. Chitra Sabha, Rathna Sabha (at Thiruvalangadu), Kanaka Sabha (Chidambaram), Velli Sabha (Madurai) and Thamira Sabha (Tirunelveli) are some wonder temples to visit in this region.

Thirukutraalanaadhar Kovil, Kumaran Kovil, Thirumalai Kovil, Kasivishuwanathar Kovil, Papanasam Ulagaambihai, Dhakshinamoorthy Kovil, Sivan Kovil and Ariyankavu Iyappan Kovil are few amazing temples located at nearby areas of Courtallam.

How to reach Courtallam?
By Air: The closest airport is Madurai connected to Chennai, Delhi and many more cities. Private taxi and buses are available from outer part of Airport to Courtallam. Distance between Courtallam and Madurai can be covered in 3 hours. The closest international airport is Thiruvananthapuram located at 3 hour distance too.

By Rail: Closest railway station is Tenkasi connected directly to Chennai, Tirunelveli and many big cities of India.

By Road: Tamil Nadu Roadways is having direct buses for Courtallam. However, for frequent services you can reach to Kuttralam at 200 km distance from Madurai. Buses for Tenkasi are available from almost every corner of the state.