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Nargol - Busy Seashore Of Gujarat

Tour India and make your holidays memorable. Today we bought a place that is small but famous seashore known as Nargol is our prime target of the day. The other name of the town is Nargole located at southern direction of the state sharing border with Maharashtra. You will be surprised to know that Mumbai is just 150 km away from the town. However, Ahmadabad is 400 km away from the town. As per info this beach town is on the Arabian Sea shore and covered with Casuarina trees. You will find the sea turtles in large amount at this place. Closest another town is Vapi at 25 km.

Basically the town is not much developed so you will find the limited public and less crowded beach for complete entertainment. Talking about the nearest airports then Daman and Surat are available for you. Reaching Nargol is very easy as there are countless mode of transports available for this town.

People having small and big farmhouses in this Indian tourist place that means it is the complete relaxation place. However, buffalos swimming is common in rivers that flows from the town and get into the sea. Dry savannah is the landscape area where less people have the residences. Experts suggest the beaches of Nargol are lonely and wider then compared to other beaches of India. These sand beaches are having big tidal level of water. Temperature of the town is tropical, though there are limited tourist attractions but still it is turning the favorite spot for the visitors.

If we say the town is having religious values then the statement is somehow correct. The village is less crowded and not much developed that mean less people are reaching here. The big benefit of such thing is you will find lots of places to meditate and get the mental peace. The big example of meditation is you will find the big ashram or Sahaja Yoga center of Nimrala Mata Ji. This is the big center where a meditation courses are conducted and followers of Mata Ji are visiting this place regularly. However, maximum population here is of Parsi (Zoroastrian) community, but then also you will find the good followers of Mata ji at this place.

Attraction in Nargol Town:

Nargol Beach: 
Most attractive and initial place of village is the beach that is calm, clear and best picnic spot. The special time is early morning when the surrounding is peaceful and soft sunrays comes on the earth. Don’t forget to watch the sunrise at this wonderful Indian tourist place and you can either enjoy the sunset at same point. Gujarat is explored to the world as best tourism state, though this town is not much popularized. I don’t know the reason but as per my visit the town is really beautiful. State administration need to give more attention to this place so that tourism can be improved here. It is the less crowded, but the shore and the sound of trees with high speed wind is amazing. I love the adventure spots and visiting Nargol beach is different experience for me. I request the administration to improve more accommodation areas so that more and more people will visit the place and make it big explored city of India to the world.

Mataji Ashram: 

Nirmala Mata Ji came to this place in 1970 and established the Sahaja Yoga center. This is one of the big centers of such sansthan guiding people about the meditation. Regularly classes are conducted here and people are really getting benefits by doing meditation and Yoga at this place.


Another beauty city closer to Nargol is tourist attraction. Sanjan is only 11 km away from this tourist place and you can find the accommodation at this town if you are facing difficulty for Nargol lodging. There are countless temples and shrines in this place and if you wake up early in the morning you will hear the bhajans easily from your hotel here.

Tumb River: 

A flowing river with low depth is available for swim closer to this Indian tourist place. You will find the cute surrounding gardens and greenery areas at this river side.

Umbergaon Beach: 

A next beach closer to this tourism spot famous for turtles. You can watch the turtles on the corner in the morning and late night. However, this beach is quite crowded and people reach here in large amount so there is disturbance at the beach.

Daman Ganga River: 

The western ghat and the best Daman Ganga River is one more key attraction of Nargol Town. However, the river is all time high in flow and in rainy season the level of water becomes big problem for the local people. The ghats are best spots constructed at Daman river side.

How to reach Nargol?

By Air: The closest airport are Daman and Surat, though the biggest air hub connecting international cities is Mumbai. You will get the frequent flights from Mumbai to all cities of India as well as major abroad cities. Flights for Daman and Surat as available as well from almost each city of India.

By Train: Surat is good mode to reach by train as the city is properly connected to major cities of India. You will get the buses and taxis from outer part of the station for Nargol.

By Bus: Gujarat state transport is having buses for Nargol from many cities. Through Delhi, Ahmadabad and some big cities are having the buses for such town as well.