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Uttarkashi - Holy Town of Uttaranchal

Uttarkashi is the holy town of India and our next prime target for travelers. This Indian tourist place is located in Uttarakhand State closer to Bhagirathi River. The altitude of Uttarkashi is 1352 meter from the sea level. It is the home of numerous ashrams, shrines and holy Ghats. Mountaineering institute is another identification of the town. If we compare this town with any other holy place then the first name comes is Varanasi. People also recognize the place as Kashi so we can use such short name for our understanding. Uttarkashi is basically a hill area closer to Varun Parvat. Famous ghat of town is Manikarnika and Lord Shiva temple is main holy spot of the town.

Maximum part of Uttarkashi is hill area and the altitude is 1,165 meters equal to 4,436 feet. If you check the map of Uttarkashi region you will find lots of small and big rivers flowing from this district. Amongst all rivers Yamuna and Ganga are two biggest holiest rivers. Uttarkashi is also the origin spot of Yamunotri and Gangotri as well.

Special Morning of Uttarkashi:
This small town is less populated and surrounded with natural beauty. According to 2001 census the population count was 16,220 for the town. Maximum people in the town are from Garhwal following Kumao, Punjabi and some other parts of India. You will find people from Buddha religion as well.

Attraction of this wonder tourism spot:
Uttarkashi: Town itself is the first place for visitors because of surrounding sightseeing. It is known as Kashi of the North India popular as abode of goddesses and gods. Nearly 30 big temples are constructed in the town having different features.

Gangotri temple: Do you love to attain river sight areas? Visit the Gangotri and the temple located at elevation of 3200 meters from the sea level. Gangotri shrine is only 100 km away from the town Uttarkashi established in late 18th century by General Amar Thapa. This temple is listed as most valuable holy place for Hindu community.

Mountaineering Institute of Uttarkashi: This is the institute beautifully structured. However, entry to center is not allowed, but you can visit the outer area of the center and nearby locations are beautiful as well. Foundation of this center was done in 1965 in memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Gaumukh: When talk about the main source of Ganga River the first names comes is Bhagirathi River. This holy river origins from Gaumukh glacier comes under Uttarkashi region. Because of such reason people have huge religious values for this place. Large number of devotees come to the town and take holy dip in chilled water of Bhagirathi River. The distance of Gaumukh is just 18 km from Gangotri but the route is quite difficult.

Dodital: A wonder spot at 3307 meter height is another location of Uttarkashi. Pure clean water and the dense forest surrounding is key attraction of this lace. Fishing and Forest visit is events that visitors can do at this place. Dodital is world famous having resorts and guest house for travelers.

Shakti Temple: Shrine located in front of the Shiva temple. There is a huge Trishul with 6 meter height and 90 cm circumference.

Nachiketa Tal: A wonderful lake place on the hills is always special and Nachiketa Tal is one of them. Lake is just 32 km far from central part of town famous for scenery and boating feature.

Vishwanath Temple: Temple of Lord Shiva known as Vishwanath Temple positioned at 300 m distance only from Uttarkashi local stand. Renovation done in 1857 gave the different looks to this temple. Construction was done by Sudarshan Shah’s wife Queen Khaneti.

Yamunotri: A holy river sight at hills is next best place to visit here. Yamunotri is one of the chilled places of India listed in four pilgrimage places of India. Yamuna River origins from this spot and Gangotri is closer to Yamunotri.

The list of temples and holy places is longer in Uttarkashi so it’s not easy to mention all details in this note. But then also we present you maximum locations so that you can enjoy the spots of this wonder place.

Some other knowing destinations of Uttarkashi are Maneri, Harsil, Gangnani, Dayara Bugyal, Kedar Tal, Har Ki Doon, Kuteti Devi Temple, Nandanvan and Tapovan and some more.

How to reach Uttarkashi?
By Air: Closest airport is Jolly Grant located at 160 km distance from Uttarkashi. Flights for Jolly Grant Airport you will get the flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Dehradun and many other major cities of India.

By Rail: The closest big railway station is Rishikesh at 143 km distance from Uttarkashi. You will find the buses and taxis from outer part of railway station for Uttarkashi. Rishikesh is having direct trains from almost every city of India.

By Road: Road is always a big mode of transport in India. NH 108 passes from the town connects many big cities of India. Rishikesh is best source to get the buses for Uttarkashi, though direct buses from Delhi are available as well. 


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