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Mirik - Hill Station of West Bengal

Welcome To Mirik HILL STATION

Of course, finding the favorite destination for holidays is a tough job because there are countless locations where we can visit especially in India. Indian tourist places are unique and that is enough to confuse visitors to select the tourism spot of their choice. This is the small effort for our readers to find the top spot for their holidays. We are now reaching to Mirik the wonder hill resort of West Bengal state, India.

Mirik is the small beautiful town located at 52 km distance from Siliguri city. It is also 55 km far from closest air base city Bagdogra. The altitude of Mirik is 1,768 meters from sea level and most of the area is covered with dense forest and Himalaya ranges. As it is the northeast city it is also famous for big tea estates, orchards of orange and cardamom plantations.

This amazing hill resort has a refreshing effect and becoming the first choice for people who are aware of this place. If you are mentally prepared for this spot then you will get a chance to visit a wild flower garden, charming lakes and thriving forests of Japonica trees. This paradise is closer to Kanchenjunga as well that means you are getting multiple locations to visit if you reach Mirik.

Attractions in Mirik:
Sumendu Lake: The first place to visit in town famous as a prominent tourist attraction in Mirik. This man made lake is close to forest point surrounding with flower garden as well. Floating fountain is another key center of Sumendu Lake. However, swimming is not allowed in the lake, but you can enjoy the boating, some water event and Fishing at the lake.

Singha Devi temple: The next spot of Mirik also known as Devi Sthan positioned closer to the river. To reach the temple you have to take the bridge route over the Sumendu Lake. Devotees reach the temple at every occasion, though the surrounding area is beautiful as well. If we say it is the holy as well as picnic spot, then this statement is completely true for Singha Devi Temple. In facts this place is a group of temples and you will find the shrines of Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Maha Kali Mata visited by lots of devotees. Bokar Gompa is located at a few km distance from Devi Sthan.

Rameetay Dara: Less people know about this place, the reason is less popularity of state government. This ideal sunset and sunrise point is in 3rd position of our attraction spots of Mirik. It is the vintage place closer to Rai Dhap. A small pond that is also a source drinking water in the city is an ideal location for a picnic.

Hills: This tourism spot is having orange orchards and you can freely move to these orchards. Nature lovers or horticulture scientists reach, here is regular interval.

Tea Estates: Nearly eight tea plots are there in Mirik. One of the best estates among all is Thurbo T.E. Just 2 km away from Sumendu Lake. If you want to enter the factory then you need to get permission from the administration.

Accommodation in Mirik:
Mirik is serving limited tourist so accommodation could be little challenge in this place. Some luxury Hotels are available in the city, though staying at the resort is the best option. Resorts are much economical compared to luxury hotels.

When to reach Mirik?
Summer is the best period to reach Mirik as you can play some natural sports, golf and can take part in events conducted in summer. Best place for honeymoon couples and travel agencies are having several packages for honeymoon couple to Mirik. This Indian tourist place is having all facilities like advanced cities, but as the crowd is limited, so you might have to pay some extra amount to take pleasure of all faculties.

How to reach Mirik?
By Air: Closest airport is Bagdogra located at 55 km distance from Mirik. It is the domestic airport so international travelers have to reach the major cities of North East to reach Mirik. New Jalpaiguri is a good destination for abroad visitors to Mirik.

By Rail: Closest big railway station is New Jalpaiguri connected properly to all major cities of India.  

By Road: State government has managed the road network to reach Mirik as the city is the major source to connect some of the big cities of North East India. Direct bus service is available for Mirik from Bagdogra, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Kurseong and some more cities.

Note: Mirik is the beautiful place, but you need to make a plan to reach this place especially on summer holidays. Travelers are increasing every year for this spot so if you have made your mind to reach Mirik then try to get the advance bookings in hotels and resorts of the city otherwise you might face the problem of stay in the town.

Take warm clothes, iPad, goggles, hat and best camera to make your holidays memorable.

Thanks for your visit. Hope you like our effort. For more places visit other pages of Indian Tourist Places.
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