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Munsiyari - Hill Station of Uttarakhand

Traveling to different places is my hobby, though I am surprised that we Indian always prefer to go abroad or diverse places on holidays. There are countless locations and tourist destinations that are best among world and we are not aware of those places. I am talking about the locations of India. My effort is to introduce the places that are not known or less identified by the people to visit. Today my target of the day is Munsiyari that is the small town of Uttaranchal.

Images of wonder destination is enough to make the spot special and first choice for vacation. I suggest you to view the amazing images of Munsiyari before selecting this place as your favorite destination. I will provide the list of spots and will guide you about the importance of this place, but before describing please go through the images provided by different viewers on google and dissimilar sources.

Now as you have seen the images of Munsiyari, I am going to describe few vital facts of this Indian tourist place. This peek town is located in Himalaya ranges at elevation of 2200 meters. Trekkers are coming to this area from around the world. There is one more name of Munsiyari and that is Devanagari which means land of Gods. You need to reach the Pithorgarh District to attain this beautiful hill station. This all-time snow covered place is chilled with temperature so don’t forget to get the warm clothes no matter if you are going to spot in summer. Goriganga river is flowing from this region and it is the major part of Glacier of Himalaya. Mountain lovers are regularly coming here and there are countless accommodation areas available. That means you don’t have to worry for stay in this gracious place.

Major attraction parts of Munsiyari:
Peak of Panchchuli: It is the hill station and the peak at Panchchuli is first destination to visit. It is closer to Johar Valley which is another favorite spot to visit in region. Shuka Tribe came here and established their traditional houses.

Birthi Falls: Spots in Munsiyari are less, but all are amazing and best example is Birthi Falls. Reach Tejaram for these falls. The dense forest surrounding and difficult pathway to reach falls is exciting part of journey. This waterfall area is placed on 18 position in best tourist spots of Uttarakand. The height of fall is 126 meters and it is popular for verdant colors fall. Birthi falls is 35 km away from Munsiyari so hire or arrange the local transport mode to reach nearby spot of fall.

Mehsar Kund: Also known as Maheshwari Kund is next place to visit in this Indian tourist place. Local people recognize the place as Mehsar Kund so if you need help then provide this name to locales. Maheshwari Kund is having an interesting story as the description of this place is mentioned in some of the Hindu myths. As per myths Yaksha the Demi God used to live here. However, he fell in love with the Village head’s daughter. Villagers didn’t accept the relation and dried the lake as punish upon Yaksha. Later Yaksha cussed the village and Munsiyari town suffered with dearth for longer time. As per info villagers apologized and Yaksha agreed for settlement. This Kund is few km away from town offering panoramic view of natural beauty.

Betulidhar: A greenery area with Rhododendrons and skiing slopes are favorite spots of Betulidhar. Don’t forget to watch the sunset and sunrise from this spot because at such time the surrounding area becomes wonderful.

Thamari Kund: Refreshing spot with nature made lake covered with alpine and paper trees could be different experience. You can watch Musk Deer easily at this place.

Darkot: A small but impressive picturesque location Darkot located at 6 kms distance from Munsiyari is our next spot. You need to reach Madkot road for Darkot. Buy hand-made Pashima shawls and Sheep wool covers from here. Don’t forget to have a look at houses in Darkot as they are made of old artistic style that represents rich culture of Kumaon.

Khaliya Top: Enjoy trekking at Khaliya (also known as Khalia) situated at 10 kms distance from Munsiyari. Average altitude of Khaliya top is somewhere 11500 feet. However, surrounding is full of panoramic views of Himalayan ranges. This top is listed at highest peak of region followed by Nandakot, Panchchuli, Rajrambha, Hardeol and Nandadevi.

Madkot: Travel for 22 kms and you will reach a small hamlet known as Madkot famous for hot springs. You can enjoy the massage parlors at this place to get relief of some arthritic pains and skin eruptions.

Nanda Devi: One of the oldest temples of Munsiyari dedicated to Spirit Sati. The idol present in temple is another form of Nanda Devi. It is only 3km away, though the pathway is tough enough to reach.

Tribal Heritage Museum: To learn about the city or local people museum is the best place. Tribal museum of Munsiyari is having good collection of ancient period. The other name of museum is Masterji Sangrahalaya.

Potato Farm at Balanti: Get the potato at high peak of 9000 feet at Balanti. It is the farming area famous for high yield potatoes. Area is covered with lush green jungle so we are going to have an amazing view at this place.

Kalamuni top: Once you reach Birthi you can stopover at Kalamuni top situated at 9500 feet height, though its 15 km away from Munsiary.

There are some more spots to visit in Munsiyari such as Dharchula, Narayan Ashram and few gardens. Each place is unique and full of nature beauty.

Events in Munsiyari:
Enjoy rafting in GoriGanga River, Skiing at Khalia Top, and enjoy bird watching Munsiyari. The whole region is well known for trekking paradise.

How to reach Munsiyari?
The best and easy mode of transport in India is by road. This hill area is mounted with dense valleys but the road construction is done with all arrangements.

By Road: Properly connected through roads with all primary locations of Uttarakhand State. You will get buses for Munsiyari from Delhi, Champawat, Almora, Tanakpur, Haldwani and many more. If you are coming directly from Delhi, then it will be long route for you to reach Munsiyari. Break journey is best option and accommodation at Vijaypur is one better idea as Vijaypur is another tourism place of Uttarakhand. Chaukori is next place advised by the experts to reach Munsiyari. You can take state transport from Delhi to Almora to reach this town. Some other best spots to reach Munsiyari are Pithoragarh, Hapur, Rampur, Bhimtal and some more.

By Rail: Closest railway station is Kathgodam properly connected to major cities of India. Tanakpur is next closest station for Munsiyari though it is 286 kms away from destination. You can hire private taxis and buses from the spot.

By Air: Closest airbase for Munsiyari is Airport of Pantnagar located at 249 km far from Munsiyari. Pantnagar comes under Nainital region of Uttarakhand. Private taxis are accessible from Pantnagar to Almora, Pithoragarh, Bageshwar towards Munsiyari.

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