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Narlai - Calm Town of Rajasthan

Surprises are most of the time excited no matter what it is related to. However, when we talk about the tourism then first thing come to mind is lonely places with amazing spots and less crowd. I always search for the places that are clam and beautiful with natural scenes. My search is still on for finest destination, though I got some really impressive locations to visit in India. Today my target is Narlai the less known location of Rajasthan. There are not many spots to visit in the town, but some of them are really the best destinations of Narlai. A village that comes under Desuri tehsil of the Pali region in Rajasthan.

This spectacular village of Rajasthan is only 30 km away from Ranakpur. Amazing heritage hotel for accommodation, exploring attractions and the nearby wonderful tourist destinations are special features of Narlai. Jodhpur and Udaipur two big tourism city of Rajasthan and they are a few km away from Narlai.

Without wasting your time, I would love to describe the spots of Narlai. In my previous notes you will find the Ranakpur as the town of Jain temples. Though Narlai is also having few Hindu and Jain temples to visit. As I said there are fewer places in the town, but the two spots that should not be missed in Narlai are Aai Mata Temple and Rawala Narlai.

Attraction of Narlai:
Aai Mata Temple: one of the oldest temples of town located at rock hill. Once you reach the temple area you can also visit the Jekalji Mahadev shrine. As per sources Aai Mata cake to Mahadev temple and stayed in Narlai for some time. Her purpose to stay in town was to spread the message of God to people. She always worked for the welfare of Narlai people. Air Malta is also famous for developing a cave in the rock hills just with her stick. A divine lamp was placed by her in the cave which is popular for producing saffron colored soot known as Kesar. All lamps are producing black carbon, though this is the only lamp in the world that produces Kesar.

Lord Shiva Temple: Also known as Jekalji Mahadev temple is one more impressive spot to visit. There are 100 steps you have to cover to reach the temple. However, it is beautifully designed by the local people in the hills. It is basically a cave temple where the lord Shiva idol is placed. According to sources Rishi Narad came here for meditation. He prayed God Shiva and later at the place was named as Narlai. The striking image of the temple is enough to state the place as a wonderful location of town.

Rawala Narlai: Frankly telling Rawala are heritage homes or in simple words luxury hotels providing royal service to their customers. Rawala Narlai is located at Chieftan Village closer to Narlai town. It was designed and developed under ruling period of King and Queen Swaroop Singh. The basic region behind Rawala was hunting and personal gathering. Rawala is full of comfort, aesthetics and greenery atmosphere. The best feature of Rawala is it covered with Aravalli hills that are already famous to the world for amazing valleys and deep jungles.

Few things I would like to discuss about Rawala Narlai and that is a service provided by the administration. I with my friend stayed in the Rawala for more than 10 days and we really enjoyed each moment of the tour. Here you can enjoy Train Safari, Narlai Spa, trekking, elephant hill walk, cave temple trekking, leopard sighting, countryside safari, village walk, horse riding, tea spot near the lake, dinner at step wall, etc. Each feature is unique and you will be served with quality hospitality.

How to Reach Narlai?
Narlai is positioned at Aravali Hill ranges and you can take the route of Udaipur. You can also take the highway that connects Jodhpur. However, the town is situated in the midway of Udaipur and Jodhpur so whichever route you come you have to travel almost the same distance. Udaipur is 138 km far and Jodhpur is 131 km away from Narlai.

By Air: The closest airbase for Narlai is Dabok Airport in Udaipur. The next air hub that you can use is Jodhpur that is 141 km far from Narlai. Private taxi’s and buses are available from the outer part of the station both Udaipur and Jodhpur.

By Rail: Nearest biggest railway station for Narlai is Udaipur though Falna railway station is properly developed now. Falna is only 45 km away and you will get plenty of trains from various cities of Rajasthan and other parts of the country. If you are planning to reach Narlai through train via Falna then book the tickets in advance. Maximum trains are passenger trains and always crowded.

By Road: Rajasthan roadways are popular throughout the nation. Narlai is also properly connected by road with almost every big city of Rajasthan.