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Cherrapunji - Wettest City Of The World

World’s wettest place is our next target. Cherrapunji is a world famous city for having maximum rainfall throughout the year. Presently the city is holding another historical name such as Sohra. Local people recognize the city with the name Sohra. Alternate spelling of Cherrapunji is Cherrapunjee. This sub-divisional town of East-Khasi Hills region is located in Meghalaya State, India. As it is the wettest place on globe the surrounding areas are full of greenery. City is holding the world record for highest rainfall every month.

​After the detail study about this place I came to know few facts about this amazing location. The meaning of Cherrapunji word is 'land of oranges'. However, the confusing point about the town is there is shortage of drinking water. Yes! The city is getting highest rainfall but there is acute water shortage problem. Local people have to travel for miles to get potable water. Because of continue rain, the soil is also affected and it becomes difficult for residents to do farming at such place.

The administration part has changed its name to original name Sohra. Some interesting areas to visit in the town are monument of David Scott built between 1802–31. Impressive history of the city forces the nature lovers to visit the place. However, it is little difficult to discuss background of the place because that will bore the viewers.

Interesting details about Cherrapunji:
Town is completely covered with foaming rivers and misty valleys. The swirling clouds and good altitude of 4,500 feet makes this place first choice for the visitors. This Indian tourist place is striking location surrounded with high mountains and green valleys.

Appropriate time to attain Cherrapunji:
The only season of monsoon is what makes this place different from all areas of India. However, rainfall is different in every month like sometime it can be heavy and sometime it can be low then average fall. The big feature of town is it gets maximum rainfall in night only so day period is best time to enjoy the town.

​Major attraction spots of Cherrapunji:
Root Bridge: Also Known As Double Decker Bridge is first place to visit in town located at Tyma Village. It is the best example of bio-engineering work in Cherrapunji. The bridge is 100 feet longer with 2 tier living overpass. Around 50+ people can use the bridge at a time.

David Scott Memorial: Our next location of Cherrapunji is monument designed by British rulers in respect of David Scott (the most capable and clever servant of British government).

Dainthlen Waterfalls: A beautiful spot located at only gap of 5 km from central Cherrapunji. A best picnic spot with full of natural sceneries will make your holidays special. The pleasant drive of scenic beauty is diverse experience for the visitors.

Eco Park: Positioned at east Khasi hills region of Cherrapunji, though the park was designed by Government of Meghalaya. The striking view of Sylhet Plains of Bangladesh country is amazing.

Khasi Monoliths: Adventure lovers must visit Khasi Monoliths. The beautiful elaborated structure of interconnecting passages in underground is special thing to watch here. These passages are located closer to old caves.

Krem Mawmluh Cave: Only ½ kilometer away from Cherrapunji town is next location for you. According to reviews Krem Mawmluh is the India's 4th longest cave with 4503 meter height. A pool developed after meeting of five rivers is major attraction of this cave. The water of pool enters the cave and that is different experience for nature lovers.

Krem Phyllut Cave: A good cave with length of 1002 m is our next destination of Cherrapunji. There are 3 different entrances for cave in which 2 are river passages. However, there are timings to enter the cave such as 9:00 am to 4:30 pm for all days.

Theological College: Located at Nongsawlia village, few kms away from town. The college was established in 1888 by the famous missionaries Welsh Presbyterian.

Few other interesting places to visit in Cherrapunji are Ram Krishna Mission and Nongsawlia Church. Every place is special as the features are different.

Spending more time at Cherrapunji is better option because there are many more nearby tourist spots where people can reach:

Nohkalikai Waterfalls: Amazing waterfalls located at 5 km distance is best closest tourist attraction. Such waterfall is 4th highest fall in the world. The altitude of this fall is 1100 ft and the view of Nohkalikai waterfall is majestic from the distance.

Thangkharang Park: Only 12 km away from Cherrapunji controlled by SFD (State forest department). Few other attractions are Khoh Ramhah (also known as Basket of the Giant), Kynrem Waterfall and Mawsmai Falls.

Accommodation in Cherrapunji:
Some comfortable hotels are available for stay in Cherrapunji. Circuit House, Dak Bungalow and some more famous hotels are easily accessible for accommodation. However, voyagers have to take prior permission from admin department for the stay.

How to reach Cherrapunji?
​Shillong is the closest big city of Meghalaya located at only gap of 58 km. State buses is also available from Shillong for Cherrapunji.

Shillong city is connected to other parts of the nation through road and rail service. The best feature of journey is all areas of the route are full of natural beauties.