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Hatharva - Heritage Site of Gujarat

Uff! Vacations are about to end, but not enjoyed properly. If you really think so, then we got a place for you where you can visit and turn this boring moment to memorable time of your life. We got a destination that is located at Gujarat State of India and the name of this spot is Hatharva. A quite different name, but place is awesome. It’s a town of Gujarat not much popular among travelers. However, the Hatharva is having limited spots to visit, though each spot is wonderful. Don’t want to waste much time of yours. Here are the spots that you can enjoy at Hatharva.

Attraction of Hatharva:

Dharoi Dam: 

It is the gravity dam constructed over Sabarmati River. The exact location of Dam is Dharoi comes under Mehsana region. The place is famous for lake formed in dam. You can enjoy the riverside and the dam at Dharoi. However, you have to cover the distance of 16 km to reach dam from Hatharva.


Located at little km distance from town famous for numerous temples of different architecture. Lord Brahma temple is major attraction in Khedbrahma. Cover the distance of 16 km from Hatharva to reach Khedbrahma. 


Famous for handmade timber toys and tiles. You can also visit the impressively structured monuments, temples and many other places. Gadh (also known as palace) of Idar, Jain Temples, Palace of Roothi Rani and Shiva-Vishnu Temples are prime spots of Idar. This is the heritage site popular for arts and crafts culture. To reach Idar you have to travel for 20 km distance.

Taranga Hill: 

A must visit spot of Hatharva is Buddhist Heritage at Taranga Hill. Just 20 km away from Vadnagar popular as home of Buddhist monks. As per sources these monks visited the hill thousands years ago. Buddhist sculptures are carved on stone and the walls of caves. Such carves resembles to Kalpavruksha or Bodhi Vriksha. You will find the main idols of Buddhist deity Tara. Caves are not managed properly and because of that many idols are either broken. Once you reach hill area you can also take pleasure of visiting Mahudi, Kumbhariyaji, Vadnagar, Ambaji and temple of Dilwara. It is the complete heritage site popular to the world for Buddhist temples. However, distance of Taranga hill is 32 km from Hatharva.

Polo Temple: 

Tourism department should try to protect the Polo temples where maximum temples are ruins. Local administration should take appropriate action to save temples because the shrines are under very bad condition. These temples are built between 10th to 15th Century AD. We have to take step to save such ancient temples. This Heritage site is just 42 km away from Hatharva.

There are less spots to visit in Hatharva, but they all are special.

Once you make a plan to visit Hatharva you can also visit the other locations such as Vijaynagar (47 km away), Danta (48 km away) and Poshina (61 km distant). Palanpur is also just 78 km far from Hatharva. If you travel for a bit more you can enjoy one of the biggest businesses center Ahmadabad that is only 130 km far from Hatharva.

Weather conditions: 

Hatharva is a hot city of Gujarat, though the temperature stays between 20 to 35o C.

How to reach Hatharva?

By Air: Closest airport for the destination is Ahmadabad located at 130 km distance. Ahmadabad is properly connected to all major parts of India. Even international flights are also available for the city.

By Train: Closest railway station for Hatharva is Palanpur at just 78 km distance. City is properly connected to major cities of different states of India.

By Road: Road is the best mode to reach Hatharva as you will get the direct bus for city from various parts of country. Buses are available from Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. 
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