Mawsynram - Green Town of Meghalaya

Searching the best tourism spots for you is our prime target so keeping such in mind we have found the spot Mawsynram a small, but very very beautiful hill town of East Khasi Hills region of Meghalaya. Mawsynram is just 65 kms away from Shillong city and closest town to Cherrapunji as well. We can say it is another wettest place on Earth as village is the part of Cherrapunji. Average annual rainfall in a town is 11,872 mm, though it was challenged by experts and they have reported the rainfall is more than data provided.

Mawsynram is only 16 km away from Cherrapunji that means you are getting two amazing places to visit if you plan holidays to Mawsynram town. You can also attain to Khasi Hills once you reach the village. Well Maw means stone which states that town is covered with rock hills area. It's not highly developed spot and that is the reason that you will find the natural beauty places in a town.

In the last few years the tourism is improved in Meghalaya state and that affected this town too. Today some big resorts and hotels are available in Mawsynram town as accommodation. Your worry about booking is solved because some of the tourist companies are providing online booking for Mawsynram. You can select the package according budget and can enjoy this wonder land of North East India.  Experts suggest this place as nature lover destination so if you are bored from the regular lifestyle or want to make your vacation memorable and then hit the town with your entry.

Attraction of Mawsynram:

Mawsynram Falls: 

Amazing and full of deep valleys, this place is on top position according to our choice. It is the 4th largest waterfall of India with 1035 ft as height. There are many big and small waterfalls that is enough to take pleasure of place.

Mawsmai Caves: 

2nd spot of town famous as holy caves by the localities. One of caves is 150 meter long with easy pathway to reach. If you are cave diving lover you must not miss this place.

Nohkalikai Falls: 

Another striking place of town placed on 5th position as highest waterfall. You have to cover the distance of 5 km from a town to reach the spot. Height of the waterfall is 1000 ft and surrounding area is full of green dense forest.


Take pleasure of Sohra and Churra at Cherrapunji. It is the big city of Meghalaya renowned to world as wettest place of earth. We have covered this town on our blog. Visit such post and you will get idea about beautiful Cherrapunji. You will find millions of reasons to reach here once you go through our blog post.


A rich fossils place at just 25 km distance from Mawsynram is waiting for you. Plan your trip to Mawsynram town and enjoy the wonder land of India. Here, you will find natural geyser and striking ponds to swim, but be careful with snakes and other wild animals in the area.

How to reach Mawsynram?

By Flight: Guwahati airport is available for travelers to reach the town. This nearest airport is having private and public transport outside the airport area for Mawsynram. However, if you are reaching Guwahati, then we suggest having one day halt at this place as it is also the stunning spot of India for tourism. Jeeps and SUVs are available for hire from here to go around the place. Flight for Guwahati is available from different parts of the nation.

By Road: Road transport in India is best mode and Mawsynram is also connected to big cities of Meghalaya. If you face any trouble to reach destination, then look for the ways to reach Guwahati that is only 150 km away from your wonder destination. With 100% surety you will enjoy the road journey from Guwahati to Mawsynram.

By Train: One of the successful transports modes of India is railway. Again, get the ticket to Guwahati as it is the biggest connecting point in North East India. Direct buses, jeeps and private taxis are accessible from Guwahati to our spot Mawsynram.

Note: Carry your raincoat or at least umbrella and some warm clothes as the temperature of this place is sometime lower than expectation. It is the wettest place on earth so take some general medicines that will help you to cure general health issues.