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Poshina - Heritage Home of India

Do you love to visit the heritage places for your holidays or special occasion? Really! Then this note is useful for you as we are going to discuss about the best destination known as Darbargadh Poshina. Welcome to our beautiful Poshina home located at tribal lands of Arravallis. Once you reach here you will learn many things about Garasia and Adivasi ancestral traditions of Gujarat another important state of India. It is almost similar to Rajasthan culture as well so we can say you are getting two best entertaining events at one package. You can also enjoy the Rajasthani food (also known as Thali) made of ancient but delicious recipes. Of course, hospitality is not having any comparison of Poshina. It is completely managed by the ruler family ruled city before independence.

Without wasting your time, we will discuss about the important areas that you will enjoy in Poshina. It is the most peaceful place with royal treatment. Darbargadh Poshina is the palace managed by the local administration. Once you reach the spot you will be welcomed by their guide and the reception members. There is possibility that member from Darbargadh Poshina will attend you at your entry point and from there he will take you to the Poshina village. The greenery and the peace of Poshina is enough to guide you about the place. Visible hills from the rooftop of palace with striking starry sky could be memorable moment of your life.

This is for sure that you would never like to leave the place after reaching there. Amazing lake parts and the surrounding jungle just imagine and you will come to know how good this spot could be for your holidays. The courteous staff and best chef are already there to impress you with their services. A huge area with beautiful structural palace you can easily spend a week here. Experts suggest Darbargadh Poshina as the unforgettable destination especially for weekend travelers.  If you are not sure about the place, then check the reviews given by the previous travelers attained to palace at regular time. Really once you land in the garden here you will feel that you are different world with amazing atmosphere.

One more vital part of the town is you will get a chance to meet Mr. Prince Maharaja. On arrival day you will be treated with all royal treatments and the next day will be tour to village and forest area. Forest part is not that rich but yes it is beautiful. Let me tell you a fact that place is not a 5 star hotel, but their hospitality will never let you that you are in wrong place.

How to reach Darbargadh Poshina?
You can reach the spot by road or by train, though the airport is available at some distance in different city.

By Train: Closest big station for Poshina is Udaipur that is just 140 km away. You can also get the train for Ambaji (29 km) or Abu (65 km) to reach Poshina. Trains for Abu and Ambaji are less compared to Udaipur. Poshina is reachable through Ahmadabad, Ranakpur, Zainabad, Patan and Modhera.

By Road: Ambaji is having better road conditions and Poshina is only 29 km away from Ambaji. You can hire private taxi for this short distance. However, Ambaji is reachable through train as well as road. Transport is available for Ambaji from various parts of the nation so reaching the best destination is not a big task.
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