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Unakoti - Holy Town of Agartala

Unakoti is the ancient town of Tripura also famous as religious place. The old temple of Shiva is primary place to visit in town. We can say Unakoti is the prime tourism spot of Tripura region in the North East India. This holy place dates back between 7th to 9th centuries. The masterpiece or the work done at this place is amazing especially on rock carvings. Their primordial beauty and waterfalls are some other finest spots of Unakoti.

The sources available state the place as historical pilgrimage destination with stunning shrine of Lord Shiva as first place to visit. Actually it is the hill area with natural scenery and sweet valleys with some all time favorite waterfalls. Unakoti is also described in Hindu myths. As per sources God Shiva was came to Unakoti with 1 crore gods and goddesses visiting visit Kashi. He stayed in this town for a night and asked all gods and divinities to wake him up before sunrise to precede Kashi. However, only Lord Shiva wake up in the morning and no one besides could get up. As all of them were sleeping lord Shiva curse others to turn into stone images. The proof of such incident is you will find one less than crore images carving on rocks at Unakoti, though the images are beautifully reshaped in the area with green floras all around.

The stone images are found of two type one stone image and other rock-carved figures. There is one Shiva’s head in the central part with huge figure of Ganesha. The name of this central Shiva head is Unakotiswara and that turned as the name of this special town as well. The complete name of this image is Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava which is around 30 feet in height with an overstated head-dress. Each side of Shiva’s head is dress and two sized figured female in place. Among these two statues one is of Goddess Durga. The other 3 massive images are of Nandi Bull found partially buried. There are many other images and statues in Unakoti and one day is not enough to view these finest images.

Festival: Ashokastami is the biggest festival of this region held in the middle of April visited by huge amount of devotees.

Maintenance: Till last few years the site was neglected by the local administration causing degradation of images. The loss of significant rock art work is seen here easily. After adoption of site by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) the place introduced to the world as a heritage town of India. Now condition of Unakoti is slightly improved, but still lots of things need to be done here. The positive approach of Indian Government towards UNESCO to announce Unakoti as world heritage spot is the fact that places is under secure hands now. Central government has announced Rs 12 crore for development of this place as it can become the world’s best tourism spot. Unakoti is having features that this town can introduce north-east India to global visitors with different approach.

Our purpose to introduce this place to our viewers is we want Unakoti to become a symbolic tourism spot. Once you reach this place you will learn about the Indian mythology. The facts available here are enough to change your mind. It is almost at lost situation and we want this to be renewed and renowned to the world so that people will know the reason behind creation of beautiful amazing striking images on the hard rocks. It's not at all easy to create such huge images with so many carvings. It is the special destination having all Hindu religious values. We want the nation to gather and save the place so that we will not lose the important part of our historical places.

According to information provided by the localities at Unakoti, a sculptor named as Kallu Kumar carved all these images. However, single person can never carve these much of images. Many other stories are also there behind creation of these images and the fact is people are having valid reason behind these stories. Apart these stories the place is amazing and you are really going to enjoy the greenery and the sculptures and the rock images and valleys and many more. 

How to reach Unakoti?
Unakoti is 178 km away from the northeast city Agartala. The best part is you can fly to Agartala from various parts of India. Agartala airport is properly connected to many big cities of India. You can also plan for Silchar that is 148 km away from Unakoti. However, Silchar is not having airport, but you can get the train for this important station. The other closest railway station for Unakoti is Kumarghat that is just 20 km far from Unakoti.