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Bhongir Fort - Historical Place of Telangana

Finding the best Indian tourist place for vacations is turned as the difficult task. The reason is there are countless places now where we can reach, but because of our strict and tight routine we are not able to decide which place will be best for our vacations.

We all busy with our routine works so because of that our team was looking for the place where we can reach in less time and can spend valuable time with family or friends. This short note is about the Bhongir Fort that is located in Bhongir town in Telangana. Telangana was ruled by Chalukya rulers at different intervals and this town is one of the examples. Fort is not big and in bad condition as well but still it is the mark for the town.

History of Bhongir Fort

Bhongir Fort comes under Nalgonda region of Telangana state, India. The fort is constructed on a massive rock at imposing height. As per sources, Bhongir fort was structured in the 10th century by famous Chalukya ruler Sri Vikramaditya – VI. His complete name was Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya and the town was firstly named as Tribhuvanagiri.

The only way to trek the forts are steps and the good height of fortified rocks is around 610 meters from the sea level. However, steps are dangerous but exciting too so trekking people will love this Indian tourist place.

The hard rock had egg-shaped structure with 2 entry points covered by huge rocks. It was a big challenge for engineers to build this fort. This fort is having ample of stories though no proof is there about such. People believe it was associated with the queen Rudramadevi and grandson Prataparudra - 2.

Images express more than stories and we have some big collections of Bhongir fort. So have a look at these images and judge how interesting this place could be.

How to reach Bhongir?

Hyderabad is the closed biggest destination to reach Bhongir. It is around 50 km distance from Hyderabad and you will get proper state tourism and local buses for Bhongir town. Private cabs and taxis are available for fort from all parts of the state, but again reaching Hyderabad will be the good option for this favorite Indian tourist place.

Hyderabad and Secunderabad are properly connected to all big cities in the nation so you will not get any difficulty to reach the destination. Zoom car and many other private services are offered for Bhongir fort. About accommodation, you might face some difficulty because a town is not well established and the fort is not known to the world.

Check for local settings for accommodation or hotel bookings or you can stay at Hyderabad as Bhongir is one-day trip spot and easily reachable from Hyderabad too.