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Gavi - (Eco-Tourism) Town of Kerala

An Eco-Tourism destination of Kerala, Gavi is our target for the day. This amazing spot is placed in one of the top Indian tourist places. Images expresses more than words so I suggest you to view the pics of Gavi available on the internet before going further.

Gavi a the project introduced by forest department of Kerala Development Corporation. This place is turning as favorite spot for tourists, particularly from European nations. Prime destination for nature lovers and adventure freaks so if you are the one then start planning for this wonder land. In very short period the list of visitors to Gavi is increased especially after the place is listed in world's Eco-tourism places by Alistair International world.

Local populace is highly involved to make the Gavi as Eco project for the state. This town comes under Pathanamthitta region and offering several activities to their visitors such as trekking, watching, wildlife, outdoor camping, night safaris and some more.

The beautiful turning roads on hill and greenery area of Gavi are enough to make the trip memorable. Town is blanketed by sundar (beautiful) tea plantations that itself is key refreshing experience you will get here. As Kerala is completely tourism state of India and Gavi is surrounded with amazing spots such as Mundakayyam, Peermedu, Kuttikanam and Vandiperiyar. Hire the taxi or use private transport if you really want to enjoy the road trip to Gavi.

Tourist attraction in Gavi:

Gavi Lake: 

Astonishing lake and the adjoining forest are first places to visit in town. You can book accommodation at 'Green Mansion' that is available online as well. View from the Mansion to lake cannot be explained in words. The tree houses or pitch tents in jungle are available for you and you can also get trekking experiences here. If you want to spend time alone, then can do in this tranquil environs. You can also go for canoeing in placid water of this lake. Don't forget to view the breathtaking sunset if you are staying at Green Mansion. As it is the Eco-tourism place you will get only fresh vegetarian food here.

Flora and Fauna: 

A birth place of rich flora and fauna with hills and valleys surrounded by tropical forests could be different experience for you. Sprawling grasslands, cascading waterfalls, sholas and cardamom plantations are some more best parts of Gavi. Enter the jungle and you will can meet Lion-tailed macaque and Nilgiri Tahr at many areas. The peace and the calm nature away from the city life is want you will get here.

Valley View: 

If you are scared of height or adventures places then you must avoid this spot, though you will miss the spectacular view of deep ravine at Valley View. The spot is known because of view of the forest from the top. 


A famous religious place of South India is close to Gavi as the short trek is available from Gavi for Sabarimala. Apart religious values you can enjoy nocturnal wildlife and night safaris, though you have to reach Kullur for such.

Camping in Forest: 

Gavi is surrounded with forest and there are many camps conducted by private organizations. Just imagine the fun or excitement that you will get when doing camping. You and your team mates are at jungle in the night and having bonfire. Silence in the night was amazing feeling for me and my team and the feel of presence of wild animals was different as well. I cannot explain the experience in words I had at that time. If you want the safest place you can go for top tree houses. Tribal are also active in Gavi so be careful, however they never harm anybody, but of course its jungle. 

Gavi tour was the memorable period of my life. I will suggest my readers to visit the place for sure at least one's in lifetime. Gavi is clean and pure wild town so please do not throw wastage.

How to reach Gavi?

By Train: Closest big railway station for Gavi is Kottayam situated at 114 km distance. Train for Kottayam are available from almost every big city of the nation.

By Air: Madurai Airport of Tamil Nadu is serving frequent flights from every corner of the nation. This airport is just 140 km away from Gavi and you will get taxi from outside the airport for this Indian tourist place. For international travelers Cochin Airport is best located at only 190 km distance.

By Road: Gavi is properly connected through road and state transport is available from diverse parts so you can reach the spot without worries.
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