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Balasore - Water City of Odisha

Balasore a city of state Odisha, India spread in 194 km is our target for today. A city also known as or Baleshwar is listed as one of the best Indian tourist places of eastern India. Balasore is popular among travelers because of Chandipur beach. City is also known for IBMD (Indian Ballistic Missile Defense) Program located at distance of 18 km. Some big missiles of India are introduced and tested at Baleshwar. Some of the big names are Nag, Agni Missile, Brahmos and more. City played vital role in revolution as well and it is the place where the famous freedom fighter Sri Jatindranath Mukherjee got injured and died fighting against the East India Company.


It was the part of ancient Kalinga empire later known as territory of Utkal or Koshala. One of the successful ruler of the city was Mukunda Dev. Later it was ruled by Mughals in 1568 remained part until 1700s. In 1633 British Company established the factory at Balasore. Calcutta (changed to Kolkata) is close city of Balasore so it was turned as important river pilot for transferring rose through Hooghli River to EIC. City was ruled by many empires and Maratha were one of them. Balasore was announced as separate district in October 1828 in the Bengal Presidency.

City is wonderful so without wasting time I would like to share the places that you can visit in Balasore. Some specialty of the city are Nature and Parks, Outdoor activities, sights and landmarks. We will discuss about the important areas so that you will not miss the key spots once you visit this amazing Indian tourist place Balasore.

Tourist places in Balasore

Chandipur Beach:

A clean beach just 14 km distance from railway station. Guest house and resorts are there at beach so accommodation is not a problem. You will find Horseshoe crab on the beach and surrounding is beautiful as well. Evening time is best at beach because a peace and wave noise is always a different experience of life. Lay at beach at night and view the stars, just imagine the scene, it is like movies that means you are going to enjoy the spot so much.

Talsari Beach:

Another seashore under Baleshwar region. It is the least exploited place of the State Odisha located at 30 km distance from railway station. Delicious food and affordable rooms is specialty of Talsari beach. Apart Kerala this is the only backwater beach of state and the best part is you will find less people so time to enjoy the beach properly. Surrounding area is covered with Palm trees, though you will not find areas for activities and all.

Panchalingeswar Temple:

Calm and serene holy place on the hill top is our next spot of Balasore. It is one of the important tourism holy spot of city visited by large crowed. Winter is best period to visit, though its chilled, but amazing experience. Management of spot is a concern here as administration is not caring the spot properly.

Devkund Pond:

A special spot with holy values famous for scenic beauty located at 83 km distance from Balasore. Take bath in the pond at fresh nature and get relief from your skin disease. Baripada is closer to Devkund Pond located at just 60 km distance so if you have planned to visit Devkund then don't mist Baripada. 

Khirachora Gopinath Shrine:

A featured temple of Lord Krishna located few km distance from Baleshwar. However, it is peaceful and cleaned area to visit with less crowed as well. Taste the delicious Odisha food and take blessings of Lord Krishna at Khirachora Gopinath temple.

Kuldiha Sanctuary:

approachable wildlife famous for flora and fauna located nearby. Also popular for Russia dam offering some trekking part to the travelers. Accommodation is a bit concern here but you must stay for night at least at this forest as several activities are conducted here by the local administration of Balasore.

Kharasahapur Beach:

Another beach spot of Balasore with limited services. Again is clam and nice place with some lodgings and restaurant for stay and food.

There are several other spots you can visit such as Emami Jagannath temple, Bhusandeswar temple, etc. Each spot is unique of this Indian tourist place and 1 or 2 days leaves are not enough to enjoy it properly. You can easily stay for a week and can make your holidays memorable. The best part is you can get to the place for bachelors or any family gathering as well. Local people of Balasore are cooperative and administration is supportive as well.

How to reach Balasore?

By Air: No airport at Balasore, though closest big airport is Bhubaneswar Airport at just 176 km distance. Another closest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport of Kolkata at 193 km distance.

By Train: Trains for Balasore are available from almost all major cities of the nation.

By Road: Hire the taxi or cab or private bus as you will get limited road services for the city Balasore. Closest bit bus stand is Digha at 64 km distance. Another big city to visit Balasore through road is Chandbali located at 82 km away.  


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