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Kollam - Port City of Kerala

The city of Kerala State famous for eponymous port is our target for today. This is Kollam metropolis also known as Quilon for beautiful ports and several other tourist places. Lighthouse located at Tangasseri is one more important area of the city. As per history of Kollam it was administered by the British Residency for longer period. This Indian tourist place is having beautiful churches belong to the Portuguese and Dutch era. This city is known to the world for astonishing surrounding, Ashtamudi Lake, and Kollam Port. Though you will find other interesting places to visit as well. We can say it could be a memorable trip for you, but you should plan for at least a week holidays.

Kollam is the ancient port city located at Laccadive sea coast ruled by Chera dynasty for longer period. It was the major trade center in 9th century had relations with China, Malaysia and Egypt. City has been influenced by the culture of plethora during Sangam period. This known city of Kerala is known for cashew and spices industry.

Covering all places for our visitors is quite difficult so we have listed few top spots of Kollam that you should not miss once you reach the city.

Tourist attraction in Kollam:


Amazing beach established by Portuguese in AD 1502. Thangassery became major source for Pepper trade since that period. The clean beach and wave noise is amazing experience at this place. Don't forget to visit the churches in this area as that will relax your mind.

Light House: 

44 meters tall light house is again at Thangassery. Just reach the top of light house and view this amazing city. It played vital role for traders at all ages and still strong to serve the country.


A planned Eco-tourism spot of India located on banks of Kallanda River famous for movie shooting for Malayalam and Tamil films. Trekking and mountaineering hiking are key events of Thenmala. The lush green surrounded is again a different experience for voyagers. The Hanging Bridge is a popular attraction along with the Thenmala Dam. One of the best Indian tourist places to visit and a special post is available on our blog for Thenmala.

Palaruvi Waterfalls: 

91 meters high Palaruvi Waterfalls are next place to visit in Kollam. These horsetail waterfall are major tourism part of city. Palaruvi name is derived from Tamil and it means stream of milk. Most of the area is picturesque so again its must visit place for travelers. The backdrop water and misty mountains made this place as perfect picnic spot and local people are regularly visiting the spot to relax their mind.

Thevally Palace: 

King of Travancore built a palace between 1811 – 1819 influenced from Dutch, British and Portuguese structural designs. Temple Lord Sastha is another attraction of the palace..

Munroe Island: 

An Island named after British Colonel John Munroe turned as famous destination for tourists structured near Asthamudi River. You can enjoy water sports, boat racing, fishing and bird watching at this island.

Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary: 

The rich flora area of state covers the area of 100 sq km. established in 1984 housing many animals, reptile and bird along with several archaeological sites.

This city is also considered as the gateway for god’s own state, Kerala. Few more places that you can cover in Kollam are Panmana Ashram, Sri Mahaganapathi Temple, Jadayupara (Jadayu Rock), The Cave Temple at Kottukal, Thirumullavaram Beach, Kaleelil Kudumbam, Rameshwara Temple, Neendakara Port and many more.

How to reach Kollam?

Kollam is just 71 km away from the capital Thiruvananthapuram of state. Kollam is listed as biggest cities of Kerala and it is properly connected through road and train. You can reach different cities of Kerala in case unable to reach spot easily. Trivandrum is big city and just 80 km, Kochi is 140 km, Coimbatore is 321 km, Mangalore is 551 km away and Bangalore 675 km far from Kollam.

By Train: Kollam Junction is properly linked to major cities of India. You will get train from almost every city of India. In case you are unable to reach or not getting reservation for Kollam you can check for Thiruvananthapuram as that is just 71 km away from Kollam.

By Air: Closest airport for Kollam is TIA (Trivandrum International Airport) located at 71 km. TIA is properly connected to big international cities and almost all national cities.

By Road: Kerala transport is providing road service to their travelers. As Kerala is major destination for tourism and Kollam is important Indian tourist place, state is having transport to reach the spot without worries. However, you will not get the buses from long distances but you can attain through train to nearby place and from such point you can hire taxi or get state transport for Kollam.