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Simhachalam - Holy Town of Andhra Pradesh

South India is all time favorite tourism zone for travelers especially for religious people. Our destination today is one of the temple city of Andhra Pradesh known as Simhachalam. It comes under Vishakapatnam district being important part for Hindu community. I have listed this place as one of the favorite Indian tourist places particularly for holy visitors. City is having another name such as Visakha Zilla. Going through historical background city was ruled by Ashoka of Kalinga dynasty. Later it was ruled by Kings of Andhra of Vengi Empire.

City was ruled by different rulers at intervals that is reason you will find their archaeological style in houses and localities. Simhachalam name has derived from two words such as Simham (lion) and Aachalam (hill). The prominent attraction parts of city is Varaha Lakshmi and Narasimha Temple also identified as Simhachalam temple. This shrine is dedicated as incarnations of God Vishnu Sri Narasimha. The shrine is listed in best 18 temples of India of Lord Narasimha. Temple is located at atop of hill recognized same as Simhachalam mount. The idol of Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha is always covered with sweet sandal paste except one day. Chandana Visarjana is the day in calendar when this paste is removed from the idol. Devotees on this day can see the original form of the idol. On this day a nijaroopa pooja is organized and its open for darshan of devotees.

Simhachalam is as important for devotees as Tirupati a well known temple of south India. Simhachalam city houses many temples visited by allure devotees throughout the world. Some of the known temples listed here are Govindraja Swamy Temple, Simhavalli Tayaru Temple, Lakshmi Devi Temple and Lakshmi Narayana Temple. Tourism in Simhachalam is always famous for their services. If you feel not getting ample information about the city try to reach any of the travel team. You will feel relaxed after visiting this best Indian tourist place.

Tourist attraction in Simhachalam:
Vishakapatnam: A biggest city of AP is closer to Simhachalam. Vizag is known to the world and the other name of the city is Visakha or Vizag. It is one of the key sea ports of India situated at only distance of 19 km. Vizag is the jewel of east coastal area of India. Vizag itself is the big tourist destination so you can enjoy both spots once you visit Simhachalam. There are countless museums, holy shrines, beaches and and many more in Vizag.

Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple: A shrine also popular as the Simhadri is the beautiful shrine of Lord Narasimha. It is located on the hilltop believed to be a holy abode of Narasimha Swami the incarnation of God Vishnu. The natural greenery, hill top and surrounding view are key factors of the shrine.

Lakshmi Devi Temple: A temple at outskirts of Simhachalam is next place to visit. This shrine is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi a wife of Lord Vishnu. The valleys and peaks are beautiful and enough to refresh the travelers. Be careful because some part here are bit dangerous. The

Lakshminarayana Swamy Temple: Dedicated to God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi popular for sweet idols represents both in a combined form. The temple is structured in South Indian style having amazingly carved walls and mandapams.

Govindraja Swamy Temple: The important shrines comes under Tirupati region. Consecrated by the famous Saint Ramanujacharya in year 1130 located at north-west zone of Chennai one more big city but in Tamil Nadu. However, this temple is on border and covered in Andhra Pradesh state. You have to reach foothills of Tirumala Hill to reach this wonder Govindraja shrine.

Simhavalli Tayaru Temple: Next place to visit for devotees located at temple complex of Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Shrine. It is structured at good height of 800 ft from sea level dedicated to Sri Simhavalli Tayaru visited by ample of tourists everyday.

There are many other spots to visit in this best Indian tourist place, though most of the parts are religious. Even then city is peaceful and accommodation is available easily. The heavy crowd is reaching city at various occasions, but the local administration is active enough to manage the crowd.

How to reach Simhachalam?
By Air: Air, road and trains are available for Simhachalam city. The big part of the destination is it is close to Vishakapatnam and Vizag is having International Airport connected to almost all big countries. Airport is just 17.6 km away with ample of city transport facility for visitors.

By Road: AP transport is having buses from almost every part of the state for Simhachalam. The finest part of Andhra Pradesh is the road conditions are amazing and properly maintained. The roads are wide and clean so you can hire the private taxi and can enjoy the smooth ride.

By Train: Indian railways are having trains for Vizag and Simhachalam too. The railway station of Simhachalam is properly connected to major cities and it is just 7.2 km away from our holy spot. Vishakapatnam is one of the biggest railway stations of India and its again 17.6 km away from Simhachalam.
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