Dudhwa National Park - Wildlife

Watching a tiger live is always the best experience, not in a zoo but in a live jungle. Dudhwa is the Tiger Reserve in the Lakhimpur Kheri region of Uttar Pradesh, India. Our target for today is Dudhwa National park established closer to Palia Kalan city. This beautiful park just 9 km from Palia covered with dense jungle and greenery everywhere. This Indian tourist place was established in 1977 spread in 490.3 km2 area. The indo-Nepal border is closer to the spot.



Dudhwa has thrilling humid subtropical climate, especially in dry winter. Temperatures rise to 40 °C in summer. The hot wind Loo is common in this area and it became strong from April and May. The only issue with the place is its climate conditions as most of the time place is hot and not easy to survive.  


Jungle Walk

Though it is dangerous, some part is available in the jungle for a walk. You can take help from the guide or the forest department to spend some time in the jungle. The ratio of the tiger is more in this jungle from other national parks so there are more chances to view this national animal live. Stay at distance as it could be dangerous for you. It is a family visit destination, so you can enjoy this wonderful land with your kids and other members. However, we suggest booking the accommodation in advance in you have planned your trip to Dudhwa.


Lucknow is the biggest station closer to the spot. Some of the travel companies are having packages for Dudhwa and most of them start the journey from Lucknow city.  Our spot is 226 km away from Lucknow though evening safari is the best thing you will get here. This national park has a good populace of tigers, swamp deer, Elephant, Leopard, 1 horned rhinoceros, Hog Deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Jackal, Wild boar and around 90 kinds of fishes and reptiles such as Mugger crocodile, Python, Fox, Cobra, and Lizards. It is also famous for bird watching and visible birds in the area are Ducks, hornbills, goose, barbets, cormorants, teal, bee-eaters, woodpeckers, kingfishers, cranes, owls, and many more. Very rare parks allow for evening safari in the world and Dudhwa is one of them.


Relatively the place is new to the world as it was established in 1977. This is the reason this place is not heavily crowded and less popular. We can say this is the good part as you will not get much public here and can enjoy the park in a better way compared to other national jungles.


How to reach Dudhwa?

Lucknow is the easiest way to reach this wonder Indian tourist place. You will get ample public transport from Lucknow, though better to book in advance. You never know if the registration is already done. You can reach Lucknow city through train, air or by road.