Chalsa - Green Destination of West Bengal

Our destination for today is beautiful green hill station Chalsa offering a wide-ranging coverage of plantation. It is also a known destination for Gorumara and Chapramari sanctuary. It is reachable through Bagdogra that is another Indian tourist place. Chalsa is a small but impressive town in Jalpaiguri region of West Bengal surrounded with tea plantation, dense forest, and rivers.

Indian tourist places are always unique compared to world tourism. This is the reason travelers are increasing day by day to various places. Not only for Indians our destinations are favorite for abroad tourists as well. If you are the one and looking for a calm and green destination for short period, you can reach Chalsa.

Attraction in Chalsa

Gorumara National Park

Frankly telling real jungles are always at hills because of less population in such areas. Evaluating jungles globally maximum jungles are safe and protected near hills. Gorumara National park is the first place you can enjoy at Chalsa. The nature walk is one of the features of this park, though you must take permission from the forest department. Doors peaks are also visible from this spot and you can also view the Himalaya foothills from the park. This national park is not that big, but it is the house for Indian rhinoceros. In 2009 it was declared as best protected areas of India by a ministry of environment and forests department. Climate conditions are best all time as it ranges between 10 to 35-degree max in bad conditions too. The best feature here is you can find Bengal tiger in this jungle so be safe when you are entering the jungle without a guide or forest officer.

Chapramari Wildlife sanctuaryThis reserve is next attraction of Chalsa though it is 30 km away from our destination. This forest is spread in 960 hectares only. This park is famous for housing elephants and popular for flora and fauna. You can also find rhinoceros, leopards, deer and many other wild animals. Bird watching is one more added feature of Chapramari park. A railway line crossing through the jungle is a danger for wild animals here as many animals died because of accidents. Malbazar station is closest rail hub and Siliguri is the big station at 2 hr distance from Chalsa.

Few Things You Can Do at Chalsa

  1. Resort: Stay at Resort available in the jungle. Yes! You can enjoy the stay inside the jungle but again it's dangerous.
  2. Cultural activities: Apart sightseeing you can also enjoy the cultural activities conducted by the localities. However, you must reach the closer towns to watch these events.
  3. Historical monuments: Few monuments in Chalsa are an impressive stating history of the town. Don’t forget to visit such and the natural attractions as well.
  4. Trekking: Trek the jungle and make your moment memorable.
  5. Gardens and parks: Town is holding several parks and gardens. Visit them and spend time in the fresh air.
  6. River adventure: Jaldhaka river is flowing from this part that is full of adventures. There are teams conducting events on this river so visit and flow with nature here.
  7. National parks: Park details are already provided so plan your trip to this place and learn about the real natural beauty of India.
There are few more places you can visit once you reach Chalsa such as Samsing that is 15 km away and Mal Dooars or Malbazar (7 km away). Each place is famous for landscape and green hills.

How to reach Chalsa?

Bagdogra domestic airport is accessible for Chalsa that is only 147 km. It will take 1 hr to reach Bagdogra, though limited flights are available for this airport. Best will be you should reach Jalpaiguri and reach Chalsa by bus, taxi or private transports. You can also try for Siliguri that is a big railway station closer to Chalsa.