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Darjeeling is world-famous Indian tourist spot also accepted the queen of all hill stations. Darjeeling is famous for the nature beauty and clean fresh air. Visitors will get the calm and peace with pleasant weather around the year. The smiling and welcoming people of Darjeeling are amazing. People of such place encourage the visitors for visiting again and again. As everybody knows that the worlds 3rd highest mount is Kanchenjunga and that hill is near to Darjeeling. The clear view of hills of Darjeeling from Kanchenjunga is awesome. Some great things to watch in Darjeeling are tiger hill, Gompa, Tibetan Life and many others.

Places or spots for visitors:

Batasia Loop: This is the railway loop which is the great example of Indian engineering in hills. The toy train running on Batasia loop allow visitors to view the amazing nature and greenery beauty of Darjeeling. Batasia loop is made of five kilometres but it gives the different feeling. It could be the diverse experience of life as traveling through train on highest peak is always dissimilar.

Bhutia Busty Gompa: A monastery in Darjeeling known as Bhutia Busty Gompa is another tourist spot. Earlier this monastery was situated at observatory hills, though it was shifted to present place some years back. It is a division of the Nying Mapa Sector Phodang of Sikkim which is another monastery of north east India.

Botanical Gardens: the beautifully designed gardens with amazing flowers and floras are also special for visitors of Darjeeling. Its exotic and elite collection of a diversity of Himalayan plants, orchids and flowers are astonishing.

Chowrasta: Those who love to do shopping must visit Chowrasta which is a best point for buying purse or many other hand made things of Darjeeling. Buying the original tea from such point is also good for tea lovers. The Nehru and Mall Road at this point allow tourist to get their desired things at this high hill. Vision of snow capped peaks of Kanchenjunga is one more nature beauty example of Darjeeling.

Happy Valley Estate: The tea gardens are best at this spot and tourist can view the high farms of tea from this place. Though, this estate is not open for everybody so people having permission from officer of the estate can spend hours at this place.

Dhoom Gompa: This is one more Gompa situated at 8 km distance from Darjeeling. The stunning statue of Prospective Buddha is established at this point.

Himalayan Mountaineering Museum: People who want to study regarding the culture and history of Darjeeling should visit the Museum. This is not only a museum but also institute of Mountaineering. The courses in this center produce very good engineers as it contains very good collection of mountaineering equipments. The valleys and locations of this museum are used in many short movies as well.

Kanchenjunga Hill View: the best and uninterrupted view of the world’s 3rd highest mountain Kanchenjunga is easily viewable from this peak and because of such reason this hill is known as Kanchenjunga view hill point.

Kurseong: this is center way of Siliguri and Darjeeling. This is another beautiful spot having equally importance for tourism as it is full of splendour views.

Natural History Museum: here people can watch collection of over 4300 specimen. This Natural museum was established in 1903. The estuarine crocodiles and unique good collection of butterflies is best things to watch this museum.

Passenger Ropeway: one more tourist spot in Darjeeling is Passenger Ropeway. This ropeway connects North point which 7000 ft higher to Singla Bazaar which is 800 ft higher.

Observatory Hills: the breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga peak is possible from this point as well. The snow and high hills could be different experience for visitors. This very sacred hill is having ample of Hindus temples and Buddhists monasteries. The Kali Mata Temple is decorated with many colourful flags.

Some more places and spots such as Rungli Rungliot, Senchal Lake, Siliguri/Jalpaiguri, and Zoological Gardens are available for tourist where people can enjoy a lot.

By Air: The closest airport to Darjeeling is Bagdogra which is just 100 km away from Darjeeling. Many domestic and international flights are available at Bagdogra.

By Rail: the closest railway station is Shiliguri which is directly connected with many major cities of India. Toy Train is available from Shiliguri to Darjeeling so visitors can enjoy the green view of hills and big mountains through this train.

By Road: Shiliguri is the closest spot to reach Darjeeling through road. Buses and private taxies are easily available at Shiliguri so visitors can reach the place easily. 

Few Interesting Pictures of Darjeeling


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