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Dwarkadhish - Almost Drown City of Gujarat

“Dwarka” the Krishna Nagri is world-famous as it is the location of the god. Dwarka is the holy place of Hindu religion and is linked with Lord Krishna's existence. This amazing city is situated on the western side of Gujarat. The temple is the huge ornate holy place with most striking five storey construction of Hindu structural design in Gujarat. It is positioned on the meeting point of Arabian Sea and Gomti River.

Dwarka is such a high admired place for Hindus, and the temple is measured as a principal holy place which is also recognized as Mokshapuri.

The Structural design: the temple of Lord Krishna is identified as Jagat Mandir, which is a five-storey construction built on 72 pillars. Temple of Shri Krishna is 78.3 meter in altitude. God Krishna's grandson was Vajranabha, who built the real holy place of Dwarkadhish in residential place of Shri Krishna.

The chamber of the shrine is shaped by the Jagat Mandir which is dating from last 2500 years at least. The tall tower and audience hall in the temple is astonishing. The 2 ingress gates of the temple allow more devotees to enter in the shrine. The entrance positioned on the north is recognized as Moksha Dwara, which means entrance to salvation. Moksha Dwara is directly connected with main market so tourist can buy some impressive things through this market as a memory of Dwarka tour. The other entrance is located in the south area to the place of worship, which is known as Swarga Dwara means gateway to heaven. There are 56 steps outside the door which leads to river Gomati.

Dwarka is a famous holy town of Gujarat, which is whispered to be the renowned city built by God Krishna, though the period is estimated from 3500 to 5000 years before. The temple is discussed in Mahabharata the famous religious book as well. Dwarka city was waterlogged by the ocean just after the bereavement of God Krishna.

Some of the attractive places near the Dwarkadhish Temple are Trikamji temple, the Patrani shrine, Kalyanrai temple, Durvas shrine, etc.

Attaining to Dwarkadhish:
Reaching Dwarkadhish is possible through various ways like by air, by rail and by bus. 

By Air: Nearest domestic airport is Jamnagar located at only gap of 146 Kms from Dwarkadhish. Flights for Jamnagar are available from Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and some more cities. 

By Rail: Closest railway station is Dwarka connected to big cities of India. Trains from metro cities such as MumbaiRajkot and Ahmadabad are available for Dwarka. 

By Road: Visitors can reach to this city through buses and luxury coaches who are directly connected through various parts of state Gujarat. State transport of Gujarat is having direct buses for Dwarkadhish.