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People who love adventure must know that Andhra Pradesh is full of forest and secret places where a tourist can easily take pleasure of nature. Ahobilam is the one place covered with greenery as the high dense forests of Karnool are surrounding. Ahobilam is positioned at Karnool region of AP (Andhra Pradesh). The high hills with deep forests are 400 kms away from Chennai State, India. Ahobilam is the shrine place consist of 9 temples to Lord Narsimha. The best feature of temples is all shrines are situated at just 5 KM area. Apart from these 9 temples, Prahaladavarada Varadhan is another tourist spot situated on the foothills. Most of the celebrations and poojas are conducted in this temple because of heights and danger on mount located temples.  
Trekking at this amazing place could be dissimilar experience for nature lovers. Ahobilam is situated in the Nallamalai hills of AP, which is the all-time favorite spot for trekking. The 9 temples of Narshima Lord and the Ahobil mutt are special spots for visitors at this place. Reaching 4 temples of 9 is easy as the private vehicles can enter through roads, but the other 5 temples are between forests so visitors have to travel for nearly 5 kms to reach the temples inside the dense jungle.
Ahobilam Temple: as per religious books, Garuda dreamed for God Narsimha in Avathara form. God Narshima fulfilled his dream and settled in 9 different temples at hills close to Ahobilam temple. The hill got the name as Garudadri, Garudasailam and Garudachalam because of such reason. Experts describe Ahobilam as the place where the God Narshima killed King Hiranyakasipu to save the life of Prahalada, Lord Vishnu devotee. Mata Maha Lakshmi also took new birth of Senju Lakshmi and married to the Lord Narshima.
The other most important must-visit spot of Ahobilam is Sri Ahobila Muth. It is the most vital Sri Vaishnava spiritual association in India. The founder of Mutt was Sri Athivan Satakopan.
The 9 shrines of Ahobilam are: -
Bhargava Narsimha Swamy: This temple is located at the gap of 2 kms from the Lower temple Ahobilam. The sacred pond is close to this temple identified as 'Bhargava Theertham'. It is the place where Bhargava Rama executed his apology.
Yogananda Narsimha Swamy: only 2 kms away from lower temple. This spot is popular for teaching several yogic postures to Prehlad the son of King Hiranyakasipu. That’s the reason this place is known as Yogananda Narsimha.

Chatravata Narsimha Swamy: approximately, 3 kms away from the lower temple Ahobilam. Here the statue of the Lord Narsimha is placed under the Peepal tree.

Ahobila Narsimha Swamy: This temple is located on the upper temple Ahobilam, though travelers have to cover distance of 7 to 8 kms to reach the temple. This is the key temple comes first in the hills. Here the lord Narsimha angry aspect is formed. This temple is identified with two names such as Ugra Narsimha and Ahobila Nrasimha Swamy.
Krodakara Temple: this temple is 1 km away from the temple Ahobila Nrisimha Swamy. The boar face of the deity is special thing to watch in this shrine. The temple is identified as Varaha Narsimha Swamy temple.

Karanja Narsimha Swamy: This temple is also just 1 km away from the upper temple Ahobilam.

Malola Narsimha Temple (2 kms away from upper temple Ahobilam), Jwala Narsimha Temple (4 kms away from upper temple Ahobilam) and Pavana Narsimha Temple (6 kms away from upper temple Ahobilam) are other main temples of Ahobilam.
Pavana Temple is located near the river, and tourist can take pleasure of the nature by spending some extra time at the river. Some other spots that tourist can visit in Ahobilam are Prahlada Mettu and Ugra Sthambham.

Attaining Ahobilam:
Nandyal city is the closest point to reach Ahobilam, though a tourist has to travel for 74 kms from Nandyal to Ahobilam. From Hyderabad, it is 360 kms distance. Ahobilam is 112 kms away from Cuddapah. Cuddaph is located on Chennai to Mumbai highway. Government and private bus are the easy source to reach Ahobilam. 

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