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India is full of tourism that’s the reason people are reaching different states and spots for their holidays. The abroad visitors are regularly increasing as they are getting the info about best locations of India. Among all Indian tourist places Chitrakoot is one town of Satna region, Madhya Pradesh. This religious town of India is famous as Lord Rama visited the place and spends his valuable time near the pond of Chitrakoot. The town is full of cultural activities and people are celebrating all Hindu festivals with full motivation and enjoyment. The town’s archaeological importance makes it first choice for religious people of India. The town is located on the border of UP (Uttar Pradesh). This place is also recognized as Chitrakoot Dham which means Karwi. This is the only region serving two big states of India such as MP (Madhya Pradesh) and UP (UttarPradesh). The countless temples and shrines with Hindu scriptures are special.
Amavasya is the occasion when many people get together at Chitrakoot. Deepawali, Somwati Amavasyas, Makar Sankranti, Sharad-Poornima and Ramanavami are special events for Hindu religion. Local populace celebrate every festival with full excitement so spending the time at mentioned events could be best time for visitors. Public reach Chitrakoot not only for religious values but they also attain to the town for Ayurvedic treatment and Yoga coaching. Arogyadham is the big organization of India located in Chitrakoot.
According to religious books Chitrakoot was deep forest and Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Sri Lakshman spent 11 ½ years of their exile period. The town was also visited by Atri, Dattatreya, Sati Anusuya, Sarbhanga, Maharshi Markandeya, Sutikshna and many other seers, sages, devotees too. They all meditated at Chitrakoot and spend their valuable time of life. According to sources Lord Brahma, Hindu pantheon, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh took their different births at Chitrakoot. Sources also expresses that many gods and goddesses reach to Chitrakoot when Lord Rama done the Shraddha (death ceremony) of father Dashratha.

After exile of Lord Rama his younger brother Bharat was asked by ministers to rule the city by taking seat of Ayodhya. Bharat refused to become king and he came to Chitrakoot to meet Lord Rama. The place where Bharat meet Lord Rama is known as Bharat Milap. At the meeting point Bharat requested Lord Rama to return Ayodhya, though Lord Rama refused to go back as he promised his mother for 14 years exile. Afterwards Bharat took the sandals of Lord Rama and returned Ayodhya. He installed the sandals on throne and took retirement. Lord Rama left the Chitrakoot for two major reasons. One reason was there were lots of Asura’s who hate Rama and the next reason was men from Ayodhya had corrupted the area where Lord Rama was living. The lord Rama family went towards Dandaka forest from Chitrakoot.

Areas for tourist in Chitrakoot:
Ramghat: ghats of this place are world famous particularly the ghat situated near the Mandakini River. The place is identified as Ramghat where tourist will take blessings by hearing and chanting hymns. The sweet smell of incense is also special thing of spot. Visitors must not miss the evening arti of Ramghat which is best among all arti’s in India. Lord Rama and family took bath in this ghat during the period of Chitrakoot stay.
Kamadgiri: the next spot for visitors is Kamadgiri which the real Chitrakuta. This dense forested hill is best spot to view the town. Here travelers will see chain of temples having idols of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Laxman. Local people recognize the Lord Rama as Kamad Nath Ji which means fulfiller of wishes.
Bharat Milap: described above this place is wonderful and people must visit the spot. The place is described in Ramayana so its having large religious values particularly for Hindus. The temple located here expresses the story of Bharat meeting with Lord Rama. Sources say the meeting was that touching that the hard rock mounts of Chitrakoot started melting. Tourist can view the foot prints of Rama and other three brothers in the Bharat Milap temple.
Janaki Kund: Sita Mata is having another name as Janaki and the kund (pond) located on the upper area of Ramghat is known as Janaki Kund. People believe Mata Sita took bath in pond due to clear waters of river Mandakini.
Sati Anusuya Ashram: situated close to Ramghat is one more tourist spot. This ashram is only 16 kms away from the city center. The thick forest with calm and peace is best thing of ashram. People can easily hear the melody of songs of bird at this place. According to sources Rishi Atri and his companion Anusuya lived here with their 3 sons. The ashram is very quiet place where people can enjoy the various streams flowing from hills. The forest Dandaka starts from Sati Anusuya Ashram so travelers can enjoy some more greenery of the area. Sources say Dandaka area was ruled by Asura King Ravana. He appointed the strong asuras such as Khara and Viradha to control this place.
Sphatik Shila: the spot known as Sphatik Shila is just few kms away from Janaki Kund. Lord Rama's and Goddess Sita footprints are available at this location.
Gupt-Godavari: the location is only 18 kms away from Chitrakoot town center. The pair of caverns in which one is broad and other is barely passing are special spots. The narrow water stream running from the cave gives different feeling to visitors.
Pampapur: the town is having one more tourist spot known as Pampapur. The location is deep valley of Devangana having countless natural scenery. The sacred caves are special to watch at this spot.

Hanuman Dhara: situated on the rock-face around hundred feet up the sheer hill area is another spot. This place is created by Lord Rama to lessen Hanuman when he returned the Chitrakoot after fire work in Lanka. Some shrines in Dhara are amazing with idols of Hanuman and Lord Rama. The panoramic view of the town is definitely going to impress the visitors.
Bharat Koop: it is the place where Bharat stored sacred water he gathered from different pilgrimage places of India. This is a kind of pond situated just few kms away from the main town area.

Attaining to Chitrakoot:
The big cities having transport to reach destination are Kanpur 212 kms, Lucknow 277 kms, Bhopal 552 kms, Nagpur 565 kms and Delhi 632 kms.

By Rail: The nearby railway station is located at Chitrakoot Dham. The distance is 11 kms from the city, though taxi and local transport is available to reach Chitrakoot town from station. The railway line from Jhansi to Manipur crosses the Chitrakoot Dham station. Closest big stations are Bharat Kup which is just 32 kms away and Manikpur Jn which is just 41 kms away.

By Air: best air station for Chitrakoot is Khajuraho which is just 175 kms away. Frequent domestic flights from various parts of nation are available for Khajuraho. Daily flights from Delhi, Varanasi and Agra are easily accessible.

By Road: UP and MP government is providing the buses for Chitrakoot, though the roads of UP are not bad enough but tourist might get difficulty to travel. Buses from Jhansi, Satna, Harpalpur, Chhatarpur and Mahoba are available for visitors. State bus ends at Karwi which is just 8 kms away from Chitrakoot.

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