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Agartala - Hill Station of Tripura

The world-famous Indian tourist place Agartala is amazing hill station and the capital city of Tripura state. The state Tripura is a home of numerous tribes and tribal mixtures which mean people will get different cultures to watch. Agartala city is full of greenery covered with dense forest. Nature lovers could visit the spot on priority as lots of adventurous locations are available. This great site is the ideal tourist location in any season. However, it’s a hill station so travelers might get difficulty in winter season. The thrilling high mounts and deep attractive valley of Agartala appeal audacious people all the time. The charm of each attraction spot can make the holidays special than ever.

The city came into light after shifting of King Krishna Manikya to the city. Maharaja Manikya came to the city in 19th century. Agartala city is famous for not only jungles, it contain lots of lakes, beautiful hills and nature sanctuaries. Experts call the city as totally idiosyncratic presented place. This complete nature beauty city is having religious and chronological monuments as well. Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore visited the place and requested the local government to improve the accommodation level so that tourism to the city can be enhanced. The city is positioned at an elevation of 3600 feet from the sea level. The highest hill of Agartala is Belting Chhip located at only distance of 32 km from the city.

This metropolis is also known as most urbanized city of state, though it is still very calm and different then other metro places of country.  Visiting the place for pleasing and pollution free atmosphere could be best option for travelers. About the trade city is become the central bazaar for numerous viable goods like tea, jute, rice and oil seeds. Handicraft and woolen items are also available in the local market that visitors can buy. Maximum people of Agartala are wearing the traditional dress and that could be different experience for the attainder's.

Places for tourism in Agartala:

Kunjaban Palace: 

The mahal known as Kunjaban Palace is first choice for the visitors of Agartala. Another name of this citadel is Pushbanta Palace built in 1927. The citadel was constructed for ruler Birendra Manikya. The amazing structural design of palace reflects living standard of the ruler in city, though the palace is now under government administration and visitors are allowed to enter the palace.


Another place to visit in Agartala is Neermahal which is also known as Water Palace. The citadel is located only distance of 53 kms from the city. Agartala was majorly established as summer destination for the ruler Bir Bikram Manikya who ruled the city from 1930 to few years. The finest feature of palace is it is located in the center of Lake Rudra Sagar.

Ujjayanta Palace: 

The center area of Agartala is having one more spot such as Ujjayanta Palace. This famous regal house of the city is amazing carved. The structural design applied is of Indo-Greek method. Palace was built by King Radha kishoreIan Manikaya in year 1901. The average cost for palace was Rs 10 lakh only. The huge gardens with adorned water pools are best thing to watch.

Chittagong Hills: 

People love hills and valleys must visit Chittagong as the peak spot of Chittagong gives the amazing view of city. The best part that travelers can watch is series of small hills with dense forest. Stretching valleys of such spot is amazing.

Jampui Hill: 

The attraction list of Agartala included Jampui hill which is one of the best spots for visitors. This hill area is popular for everlasting spring and distance between the city and Jampui hill is around 240 kms. The extensive range of Orchids, picturesque splendor and orange trees are famous of Jampui hill.

Raima Valley: 

There are numerous valleys in the city, though Raima is main vale recognized as mother of ethnics of Tripura. Gumti hydel project is planned on the river Raima which is again good spot for travelers.

Gandacherra Wildlife Sanctuary: 

Nature park of Agartala is known as Gandacherra Wildlife Sanctuary  The green forest and pollution free atmosphere is best thing of this park. The park is having safari feature in which travelers can hire the jeep to enter dangerous areas.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary: 

Another park is located just 35 kms away from the city. The sanctuary is spread in 18.5 square km area and visitors can watch the various types of birds and primates. The inside botanical garden, lake and zoo are major attraction of Sepahijala Wildlife park.

Buddha Temple: 

Talking about the religious spots of Agartala Buddha temple is placed in first position. The shrine is having idol of Buddha and the structural design provides sufficient signs of power of Buddhism. The two amazing idols of Buddha and Bodhisattva are fine thing to observe.

Jagannath Temple: 

One more religious spot of Agartala is Jagannath temple. The ornamental Lake Jagganath Dighi is having spiritual values for local populace.

Ummaneshwar Temple: 

Final religious location is Ummaneshwar shrine located inside the Ujjayanta Palace. The shrines of God Jagganath and God Ummaneshwar are situated in the opposite direction.


The hard rock of mounts is curved in Unakoti and that is best thing to watch. The Unakoti spot is only 175 kms away from Agartala city. The place contains around 1 less than crore stone carves which is having some religious values for local populace.

Best time to attain the Agartala city.

the moderate climate of the city allow visitor to reach anytime. Finest period to reach city is between September-May. Winter is quite cool and temperature goes below 10°C. Visitors must carry their warm clothes during this period. In summer the place becomes very pleasant and calm with maximum warmth of 35°C approx. Enjoying the winter shower is possible in August to October month.

How to reach Agartala?

The big cities of India are properly linked to Agartala by different ways. Kolkata is 1680 kms away, Delhi is 2674 kms away, Indore is 2902 kms away, Chennai is 3577 kms away and Bangalore is 3777 kms away from Agartala.

By Rail: closest railway stand for Agartala is Kumar Ghat located at distance of 160 kms. The next station is Dharma Nagar located at distance of 200 kms.

By Air: the domestic airport of Agartala is linked to many Indian cities such as Guwahati and Kolkata. Flights from Kolkata are available at frequent intervals and international travelers can reach to Kolkata for Agartala.  

By Raod: road route of the state is not good enough but tourist might get lots of dangerous and exciting curves during the journey from Guwahati and Kolkata.