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Kinnaur - HP hill station

Indian tourist places are special and unique in their services. Hence people are attaining to various destinations in different occasions. Talking about popular hill locations of India, Kinnaur is the finest administrative district of HP (Himachal Pradesh) State. This county is separated into 3 managerial locations such as Pooh, Nichar and Kalpa. Reaching Kinnaur allow visitors to take pleasure of Sangla valley, Kalpa, Recong Peo, Kinnaur Kailash and some more tourist locations situated near Kinnaur. The places mentioned are house of Lord Shiva which means travelers can take blessings of the creator of World. According to records of 2011 Kinnaur town is placed on 2nd position in low populated areas of HP (Himachal Pradesh). 

Attaining to Kinnaur is quite difficult as the route of town is little dangerous. The surrounding places of Kinnaur are also special as the town is located near the Tibet border in east side. Kinnaur is only 235 kms away from the capital Shimla. The 3 high hill ranges of town are Himalayas, Zanskar and Dhauldhar. Sutlej Valleys are topmost spots of Znaskar, Spiti is of Himalayas and Baspa is of Dhauldhar hills. Slopes of valleys are enclosed with deep wood, fields, orchards and charming hamlets. Shivling at Kinnaur Kailash hill is next big religious destination for voyagers. However, the region was open for travelers in 1989. The previous India-Tibet bypass road is having countless natural beauty spots. Voyagers must not miss the route sightseeing as the road directly connects the Shipki La Pass of Tibet to Kinnaur.

Weather: pleasant climate of Kinnaur let the public to enjoy the spot throughout the year. The high altitude and winter season are basic cause of closest temperature of spot. Attaining Kinnaur in October to May could be little difficult because of cold weather.

Q: When to Visit Kinnaur?
A: This striking region is full of immense natural lakes, scenes, valleys, rivers, high hills, and green pastures. Peak season of Kinnaur is between Aprils to October.

Q: Types of clothes to carry for Kinnaur?
A: access to Kinnaur in summer requires light warm clothes. However, winter is very cold so extreme woolen clothes should be carried.

Q: Shopping at Kinnaur?
A: buying Handloom and craft items such as shawls, mufflers, caps, wood carving product is possible at Kinnaur. The town is prominent for metal, silver and gold products. The top quality apples, chilgoza, almonds, ogla, grapes and apricots of Kinnaur are distributed in abroad as well as various parts of the nation. Purchase of any product from wholesale is always beneficial and visitors will get wholesale shops at Tapri, Reckong Peo, Kalpa, Karchham and some more places of Kinnaur.

Adventure in Kinnaur: people might know there are Kinnaur spots where adventurous events are conducted. The trekking paths at ski slopes could be dissimilar experience for adventure lovers. Kalpa is popular location for rock climbing in the region. View of valleys from hill top is also best incident for nature lovers.

Attain Kinnaur: few big locations from where voyagers can get the bus, train or other methods to reach Kinnaur are Ahmadabad, Coimbatore, Indore, Chennai, and Bangalore. The high hills of Kinnaur are creating some problems for visitors as the route is quite dangerous, but still this town has good road link to other cities of India. Finest condition of road of Kinnaur allow voyager to attain spot smoothly.

By Train: nearby train station of Kinnaur is Shimla which is another big Indian tourist place. Distance of Kinnaur from Shimla is just 244 kms. Train from Kalka station is available for Kinnaur so voyagers can try to reach Kalka instead of Shimla.

By Air: big airport close to Kinnaur is Shimla linked with many cities of India. This domestic airport is having direct flights from roughly each metropolis of India. Frequent flights from Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata are available for Shimla so abroad voyagers can attain flights for big cities of India to reach Kinnaur.

By Bus: Bus is the best transport method to reach Kinnaur. Private and state buses are available, though taxis are also accessible from Shimla for Kinnaur.
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