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Bhimashankar - Land of Lord Shiva

India and its spiritual places are world famous and Bhimashankar is one of them having dark forest with lots of wild animals. To reach Bhimashankar travelers have to go through Manghar which is another secret tourist spot of India. People loving nature will definitely enjoy the Bhimashankar for natural attraction and amazing scenery surrounding.

Trekkers can also do adventure at Bhimashankar as some area of forest is on high hills. Diverse types of birds from the world are reaching Bhimashankar forest particularly in summer season. The big and oldest Lord Shiva temple is best thing to watch in city. Bhimashankar is located in Western Ghats so people will definitely take pleasure of forest, greenery, and deep valleys. Idol of Lord Shiva in this temple is listed 12 Jyotirlingas of India.

This tourist destination is named after Bhima River originated after the heat generated from Lord Shankara(Shiva) after killing the Rakshas Tripurasura. The altitude of Bhimashankar is 3250 feet from sea level and closest small railway station is Karjat. Shirdi or Ganesh Ghat is two other religious spots come during the journey from Karjat to Bhimashankar although route to Bhimashankar is tough but exciting as well. There are two different routes to reach the top of spot in which one goes from the dense forest. If travelers are going through forest their journey will be of 4 hours to attain the top.

Enjoying forest could be different experience for voyagers as it is spread in more than 1000 meters. Top feature of forest is the almost trees are excess to 60 feet in height. As per Indian mythology Pandavas also came to this forest for shelter.

Attraction in Bhimashankar:

Sahyadri Wildlife Sanctuary: 

People love wildlife can visit to SWS (Sahyadri Wildlife Sanctuary) placed in Maharashtra. Indian Squirrel and countless other animals and birds can easily be seen in the forest. This park is spread in more than 120 square kms towards the Western Ghats. In monsoon people might get difficulty to reach the top because of heavy rainfall.

Lord Shiva Jyotirlinga: 

Another religious spot of Bhimashankar is available for voyagers. Jyotirlinga shrine was built in 18th century and listed in worlds best 12 Jyotirlingas. Trekkers will enjoy the spot more comparing to others as there are countless birds and exciting but tough treks. This shrine Jyotirlinga was constructed by Nana Fadnis.


Adventure lovers can do paragliding in Bhimashankar and also can enjoy the trekking at several points. The Sahyadri ranges are best to enjoy paragliding as the hills are wrinkled shape and full of hard Rocky Mountains.  Vast ponds and wide forest are also best things to visit in Sahyadri region.

How to reach Bhimashankar?

Pune is just 103 kms away, Mumbai is 270 kms away, Hyderabad is 658 kms away, Ahmedabad is 686 kms away and Nagpur is 876 kms away from Bhimashankar.

By Train: talking about big closest rail hub then travelers can attain to Pune which is properly linked to many big cities of India. Trains for Pune are available from Bangalore, ChennaiHyderabad, and Mumbai.

By Air: closest air hub for Bhimashankar Pune connected through domestic airlines from Mumbai and big cities of India. Direct flights for Pune are available from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

By Bus: Karnataka state transport is having direct buses for Bhimashankar though the service is limited and available from few cities. However, private and luxury buses for Bhimashankar are available from Pune
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