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The 3rd biggest mountain Kanchenjunga is our next favorite Indian tourist destination. Altitude of Kanchenjunga is 8,586 m from sea level. Reaching Kanchenjunga is little adventurous due to hill and trouble full paths. This astonishing spot is touched with the boundary of Nepal. Kanchenjunga city is located in Sikkim the eastern state of India.

Kanchenjunga is the uppermost mountain in India also recognized as one of the 5 Treasures of Snow. Local populace from Darjeeling and Sikkim worship the Kanchenjunga hills.

The first climbing on Kanchenjunga was done by Joe Brown and George Band on 25 May 1955. Both were British citizens stopped by King of Sikkim.  The word Kanchenjunga is adopted by A. M. Kellas, Douglas Freshfield, and the RGS (Royal Geographical Society).

Presently many chapters about the Kanchenjunga are added to various educational departments so people are getting awareness of this place and people are attaining to the location on their vacations.  

View of high Kanchenjunga hills from Darjeeling is awesome. Indian government is not providing the permission anymore for the climbing of the mountain due to bad weather and lower oxygen level. The peak of Kanchenjunga is getting dangerous frequently. Other reason for now allowing the trekking on Kanchenjunga is mostly part of mount is located in Nepal.

Attaining to Darjeeling is best to view the mounts of Kanchenjunga. Darjeeling is best tourist place known for its fresh air and best hospitality. The breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling could be different experience for voyagers.

KNP (Kanchendzonga National Park) is top place to visit as park is spread in more than 850 sq kms. Kanchendzonga is also popular for housing many wild animals in Sikkim.  Visitors can watch the snow leopard, Tibetan antelope, black bear, barking deer, wild ass, musk deer, red panda and flying squirrel. Entry to the park is limited due to security reasons so travelers must plan their trip properly.

Trekking: people love trekking can enter to Yuksom which is just 145kms away from GangtokSikkim.  Yuksom is the entry point for trekkers and mountaineers particularly for Kanchenjunga hills. However, trekkers have to get the permission from WEIC (Wildlife Education and Interpretation centre) located at Yuksom.

Attaining to Kanchenjunga hills is not easy because of high hills. People having blood pressure problem should avoid this place because some areas trekking is really dangerous.

Reaching Kanchenjunga
By Air: closest air hub is Bagdogra located at good distance of 222 kms. Distance of Bagdogra from Gangtok is just 124 kms. Flights of Indian airlines are available for the voyagers for Bagdogra. People can get flights from KolkataGuwahati and Delhi. Tourism department of Sikkim is also having daily helicopter service for Bagdogra from Gangtok which will take hardly 20 minutes to reach.

By Rail: nearby rail hub is New Jalpaiguri located at good distance of 221 kms. Siliguri junction is also best way to reach eastern area of India. Trains for Siliguri junction are available from New DelhiKolkataGuwahati and few more cities.

By Road: buses from Gangtok are available for Bagdogra which is just 4 hours away by road. Darjeeling is 139 kms away, Siliguri is 114 kms away, Kolkata is 725 kms away and Guwahati 589 kms away.