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Kedarnath - Religious Town of Uttarakhand

The holy place Kedarnath is our next target for India travelers. This Hindu religious town is positioned in Himalayas of Uttarakhand State, India. Kedarnath is also the nagar panchayat of Rudraprayag region. This Lord Shiva’s place is included in Char (four) Dham sites of India. Altitude of Kedarnath from sea level is 3584 meters and Chorabari Glacier is one best spot for hill lovers. River Mandakini flows from Kedarnath and surrounding area of River is breathtaking and eye-catching as the area is completely covered with snow.

This holiest shrine is famous holy spot for Hindu pilgrims. People throughout the world are attaining to Kedarnath, which is key location in Char Dham Yatra. Town got name after King Kedar, who ruled the place during Satyug. His daughter name was Vrinda a big devotee of Goddess Lakshmi. To honor the daughter the land area where she uses to live was named as Vrindavan. Sources say Kedarnath shrine and the town was exist from the period of Mahabharata when Pandavs did prayer of Lord Shiva to meet him.

Kedarnath is popular for many things like temples, backdrop of Himalayas, wonder vistas, natural beauty, valleys, snow full hills, greenery and many other things. Himalaya areas of India are world-famous and Kedarnath is nestled in middle of striking peaks of mount Himalayas. Town is full of breezy mild wind offering composed atmosphere. This picturesque spot is one where people can feel the calmness and silence of scenery.

Attraction in Kedarnath:


First location for holy voyagers is Chandrashila located in Rudraprayag region. Altitude of Chandrashila is 3679 meters from sea level. Trekking lovers must not miss the spot, though they should not reach location in December to January because the place becomes dangerous due to covered with heavy snow.


Next spot for voyagers is trek area known as Chopta having snowy environment all the time. Eye-catching sights of grand hills of Himalayas are always appreciated by world tourism hence people can enjoy the snowy mountains at Chopta.


Also known as Gandhi Sarovar is our next tourist place of Kedarnath. Mostly surrounding areas of Kedarnath are linked to Mahabharata in one or the other way. Voyagers must visit the lake Chorabari that is recognized as Gandhi Sarovar. People believe Samrat Yudhishthira started his haven journey from Chorabari.

Deoria Tal: 

Closer tourist attraction of Kedarnath is Deoria Tal located in Garwhal ranges.  Place is capable to attract voyagers throughout the year, though in winter it becomes difficult to attain the location because of heavy snowfall.


Best place of Kedarnath is available for voyagers, though that’s a remote location in middle of snow peaks. Gaurikund is having religious values for Hindu people placed at altitude of 1982m from sea level.

Few other finest spots of Kedarnath are Son Prayag (located at 1829 meters altitude), Vasuki Tal (lake close to Shrine), Agastyamuni (named after Agastya Rishi), Bhairav Nath Temple (shrine having idol of Bhairav Nath [shrine is closed during winter because the place get covered with snow in winter]), Gupt Kashi (popular for Viswanath and Ardhanareeshwar temples), Kedarnath Temple (constructed by Sage Sankaracharya), Shankaracharya Samadhi, Triyuginarayan (5 kms away from Son Prayag), and Ukshimath.

How to reach Kedarnath?

Reaching Kedarnath is not easy task because the way to reach the spot is go through dangerous locations. Only 2 ways are available to attain Kedarnath town in which one is vertical 14 kms trek (though palanquins and horses are accessible on rent) starts from Gaurikund. Reaching Gaurikund is possible from Rishikesh, Dehradun, Haridwar and few more hill areas of Garhwal. Next route is helicopter service which is most convenient, but expensive as well. People can hire the helicopter from closer areas of Kedarnath.

Chandigarh city is 387 kms away from Kedarnath, New Delhi is 458 kms away, Nagpur is 1421 kms away, Bangalore is 2484 kms away and Rishikesh is 189 kms distant.  

By Rail: Rishikesh railway station is closer big rail hub located at 189 kms distance from Kedarnath. Voyagers can hire prepaid taxi available from outside of station, though their charges will be nearly Rs 3,000. Travelers can also attain the buses from Rishikesh,  though they have to travel for 207 kms by road to attain Gaurikund and from there a toughest 14 kms journey will start. Trains for Rishikesh are available from Jammu, Haridwar, Chennai, New Delhi, Dehradun, Kotdwara, Kolkata, Ramnagar, Varanasi, Kathgodam, Kanpur, and some other cities.

By Air: closer airport for Kedarnath is JGA (Jolly Grant Airport) in Dehradun. This domestic airport is located at 239 kms distance from Kedarnath. Frequent flights from New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and few other big cities are available for Kedarnath. Talking about international airport abroad visitors can attain to New Delhi to reach Kedarnath.

By Bus: Kedarnath town is properly linked through road and NH from Delhi towards Mana is allowing voyagers to attain single route to reach destination. From Gaurikund people have to get either helicopter service or have to go through 14 kms steep route. Buses for Kedarnath are available from Rishikesh, Kotdwara, Dehradun, Haridwar and other Garhwal regions.