WhAt'S NeW?


A small village of Rajasthan known as Khimsar is our next target for tourism. To feature of attaining to Khimsar is voyagers can enjoy the Asia’s biggest desert Thar. The historical forts and monuments of Khimsar are world-famous. The wall of fort is having countless marks of battles occurred at different periods. Thakurs ruled the village for longer period and kept the city as independent kingdom. The age of fort more than 450 years and the royal family of Rajasthan is still living in the portion of fort.

Construction of fort was done with complete security measurement from external attacks. After completion of fort, some more rooms were added for accommodation. Fort is having women’s section added in late 18th century. Presently major part of fort is converted into hotel and voyagers can book the rooms as per their convenient. Khimsar village is the idyllic location for day holidays. Travelers might know that Jodhpur is the closest big tourist destination of Khimsar.

Nearby village Osian is also the spot for voyagers located at only 27 kms distance. Osian is having beautifully designed Jain carvings and statues. In fact, Khimsar is popular for its fort and heritage spots, which are available in huge amount. People can enjoy sports, desert adventure, wild life safaris and significant sightseeing spots to make their holidays special.

The Khimsar is having two key places one is fort and other is Dunes Village from where the Thar Desert starts. However, travelers have to hire jeep, camel or horseback to enjoy the village and desert. Khimsar is the rural and romantic place with ample of peace. A small lake in Dunes village is mirage in itself as none other areas are having any lake accept this mini-lake.

Village Dunes is only 15 minute distant from Fort. Attaining to fort allow voyagers to learn about the living standard of Rajasthani Royal families. Royal lineage are still living in the fort and running maximum part as lavish hotel.

Attraction of Khimsar:
Nagaur Fort: a fort constructed in late 10th century is first choice for voyagers. Nagaur fort is constructed in bigger area then Mehrangarh fort of city Jodhpur. Fort has received the UNESCO international honor for restoration.

Osian: a place having Jain temples of 8th century is next tourist destination. However, travelers have to cover 62 kms distance by road to attain the Osian.

Nila Moti Trust: next spot is a handicraft center founded by Mrs. Monica Matter of Switzerland recognized as Nila Moti Trust.

Wildlife Tours: safari trip of Panchla black buck is another location placed at 16 kms distance from Khimsar town. Open jeep is available to take pleasure of wildlife in Panchla. People can watch Black Buck, blue bull and Chinkara easily.

Jeep/Camel Safari: Thar Desert is closer to Khimsar and people can easily attain to the location by Jeep. However, best part of Thar is camel or Jeep safari, which is also available for local city roaming.

Religious Sites: few religious locations of Khimsar are Hanumanji temple (located at Salasar), Karni Mata (located at Deshnoke), Ramdevra, Brahma temple (located at Pushkar), Jain & Mataji temples (located at Osian), Charbhuja temple (located at Merta) and Tarkistan Dargah (located at Nagaur).

Attaining to Khimsar:
A village Khimsar is placed close to Jodhpur city, though it lies on Jodhpur-Bikaner road.  Hiring taxi from Bikaner or Jodhpur is top option to attain Khimsar town. Jodhpur city is only 90 kms away from Khimsar and plenty of transport services are available from Jodhpur to Khimsar.

By Train: nearest rail hub is Jodhpur City accessible with frequent trains from various cities of India. Trains for Jodhpur are accessible from Delhi, Pune, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bikaner and numerous other places. Jodhpur is the tourist attraction and people from abroad are attaining to city regularly so voyagers looking for Khimsar should book their tickets in 2 months advance so that confirm ticket can be booked for holidays.

By Air: nearest air hub is Jodhpur city having domestic airport. Flights from Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and Udaipur are available for Jodhpur in good quantity.

By Road: Rajasthan roadways are popular in India for their services. Reaching Khimsar is possible by attaining the Jodhpur- Bikaner highway. Almost every city of India is having link or direct bus service for Jodhpur so reaching to fort city Jodhpur is finest option to reach Khimsar by road.