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Bareilly is our next destination for tourism in India. This prominent city of Uttar Pradesh state is located close to RamGanga River. “Lucknow” the Capital of UP is just 252 km away from Bareilly. This city is listed on 7th position for largest metropolitan of state and 50th in largest metropolitan city of India. Basically the city is popular for industrial achievements and social places. Bareilly is popular for having big plants of cotton, sugar, cereal and furniture production. The other names of city are Sanjashya and Bans-Bareilly. City was found by the famous king of UP Sri Jagat Singh Katehriya in 1537.

A famous song from the Bollywood movie is created on Bareilly city such as “Jhomka Gira Re Bareilly Ke Bazzar main”.

Some key attractions of Bareilly city are mentioned below:
Jagannath Temple: the initial place where travelers must visit is Jagannath Temple. A shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Champak-Rai Ki Bagia. Another big religious spot of Bareilly is Alakhnath Temple which is again a famous and big shrine of the city. Bareilly is full of religious spots and Ganga Temple is one of them. Ganga Shrine is located in front of Jagannath Temple though the shrine is 200+ years old.

Fun City: visiting theme park is always exciting and Fun City is one of the best spot of Bareilly where travelers can enjoy the water events. This is amusement park of the city having countless features such as Boond Water Park, adventurous rides, the roller coaster, an amphitheatre and a discotheque.

Trivati Nath Temple: a shrine positioned in the middle part of the city is our next destination. Voyagers have to reach Macnair Road to take blessings at Trivati Nath Temple. The recent renovation of temple expresses its beauty to the voyagers.

Alakhnath Temple: next place for our visit is Alakhnath Temple. This shrine is belonging to Anand Akhara order which is the main center of Naga Sadhus. The Naga Sadhus are different group of Lord Shiva followers.

Doopeshwar Nath Temple: a holy place devoted to Lord Doopeshwar Nath is another spot of Bareilly. Sources say Bareilly is the birthplace of Dhrishtadyumna and Draupadi the popular parts of Mahabharata. To attain the temple visitors have to go through Cantonment area of the city. Here, the ancient Guffa (cave) is major spot for travelers at this place.

Tulsi Math: as there are countless tourist places in Bareilly the “Tulsi Math” is another location. Tulsi Math is close to Alakhnath Temple which is popular as home of big poet Tulsidas.

CMLNT (Chunne Miyan's “Lakshmi Narayan Temple”): a temple of Lord Lakshmi Narayan is positioned at Koharapeer in Katra Maanrai division. This shrine is belonging to Hindu refugee’s came from Pakistan to India in 1947.

Dargah (Ala-Hazrat): Dargah Ala-Hazrat is known Muslim religious place created by Imam Ahmed Khan. He was the Ahle Sunnat Scholar popular for Silsila known as Razwi.

Jat Regimental Centre: This is one of the headquarters of Indian Army in Bareilly region. However, visitors or normal public is not allowed to move freely in the area but still the center is neatly maintained and properly managed by the army administration. Visitors can visit some areas of the Jat Regimental center to learn about the history of the Bareilly city.

Attaining Bareilly:
By Train: Bareilly railway station is properly connected to major cities of India. Train passes from Delhi to Kolkata touches the station so reaching Bareilly is easy task. Delhi is the major station for attaining Bareilly as it is just 250 km away. Trains for Delhi are available throughout the nation. Lucknow is another big rail hub to reach the city Bareilly.

By Air: Closest international airport to reach city is Delhi. Domestic as well as international flights are available from around the world to Delhi. Voyagers can plan their trip according to their plan as flights for Delhi are available in large amount.

By Road: State buses are available from Risia, Ujjain, Gonda, Delhi and many other cities of India.

Overall attaining to Bareilly city is easy as there are countless sources from various cities of India to reach this destination.