WhAt'S NeW?


Our next Indian tourist place is Harpalpur (a small town) located in Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh. This is kind of secret tourist destination that did not have much popularity due to lack of information.

According to sources this town was named after kind Harpal Singh. He was famous for developing Adhikumari Mata Temple in Harpalpur. The height of temple is 1000 ft from the sea level so people will definitely enjoy the site and can watch the town completely. Harpalpur is the only railway station of Chhatarpur region. Closest big tourist destination of this town is Khajuraho.

The dam constructed on river Dhasan is another must visit place of Harpalpur. However, the dam place is some far from the town but easily reachable through local transport to the spot. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty spots at dam place. The most entertaining part of town is it is located on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya PradeshKhajuraho is just few km away from Harpalpur and Bhopal is also closer to the town. Dam area is only 39.8 km distant from the town.

Other closest places to visit are Mau Ranipur, Baragoan, Ghatkotra, Deori Ghat, Ghat Lahchura, and Sapra Dam. Each place is having different quality and feature so visitors will definitely enjoy the spot. 1 week is enough time to enjoy the Harpalpur and the surrounding places properly and the place is not costly as well. Travelers can book hotels online for accommodation and the frequent trains are available for Harpalpur station from many big stations.

Religious place closer to town is Khandian Babba Temple. You can enjoy the swimming in dam area or at Talab (Lake) comes during the way to temple. Sarawati Vidya Mandir (temple) is next but little far religious place of the town. Ambe Devi temple and some more temples are located close to Sarawati Temple.

Hill Temple: most amazing view of city is possible from the Hill temple. Reaching top of temple is not difficult but old age people might get problem to get on the top. View of town from the temple is best thing to do from hill temple.

Overall place is good but most entertaining areas are Dhasna River, Dhasna Dam and Sapra Dam. These spots are covered with natural beauty and greenery and the rainy season is best time to visit the spots.

Attain Harpalpur:
By Train: Direct train from Nasik, DelhiBhopal and some big stations are available for Harpalpur. Frequent trains are available from Bina, Jhansi, Itarsi, Khandwa, Bombay, Chitrakut, Allahabad, Howrah, Gaya, Nizamuddin and many other cities.

By Air: Bhopal is the big domestic airport located close to town. Other closer airports for Harpalpur are Khajuraho and Gwalior. Flights from both airports are available from almost every city of the India.

By Road: If you have own vehicle or want to use state transport than you can reach Chhatarpur (49 km distant) and Rajnagar (73 km distant). The simple route from both cities allows you to travel tension free to reach Harpalpur.