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If you check the history of India there are many small and big cities who played vital role for their revolution, however many of the cities are not even mentioned in the genuine lists of the country. Today we are going to discuss the best historical Indian tourist place Mahoba. It is the small but important city of Mahoba District, UP (Uttar Pradesh). It comes under the Bundelkhand region which is known for brave land of Mahoba freedom fighters. Reaching this city allow voyagers to visit amazing tourist places of India such as Laundi, Khajuraho, Kulpahar, Kalinjar, Charkhari, Orchha and Jhansi. 

The glorious history of Mahoba makes it special destination for visitors. The bravery stories of Veer Alha and Udal describes the sacrifices of the city for resolutions. Earlier the city was known with different names like Patanpur, Kekaipur and Ratanpur. Some proofs are available of lord Ram and Devi Sita as they visited the place at their exile time. Pond such as Ram-Kund and kitchen known as Seeta-Rasoi are two important areas of Mahoba at Gokhar hill. As per sources Lord Rama came to this hilly region at the time of their 14-years exile period.

Places to visit in Mahoba:
Indian rulers made countless monuments in their kingdom. Mahoba is also having some amazing monuments where people can visit.  
  1. Kaknamath Temple: a shrine built of granite is dedicated to God Shiva. This shrine is placed at the Madan Sagar area. The structural design is similar to shrines of Khajuraho. 
  2. Madan Temple: one more shrine dedicated to God Vishnu is next close tourist place to Kakarmath Temple. 

  3. Vijay Sagar Pakshi Vihar: this tourist attraction is just 5 km away from central part of city. This bird sanctuary is positioned on the shores of manmade Vijay Sagar (a lake) constructed by Vijay Pal Chandela during 1035 to 1060 AD. 

  4. Sun Temple: another location to visit is Sun temple at Rahila Sagar. This shrine was built in 9th century with granite, however its present condition is not good and local administration must take care of this historical temple of India. This amazing shrine was built by Chandela King Rahila and the duration was between 890 and 910 AD. Today the temple is in ruined state and nobody is taking care of this finest shrine of Pratihara structural design. 

  5. Senapati Mahal: A spot that is known as Senapati palace is available for visitors. Ruler Jagat Rai built the palace in 1700 AD. Senapati was the son of Jagat Rai so the palace was named as Senapati. 

  6. Raja Ka Tal: a spot built by King Senapati in 1707 AD is next spot. Spot is identified as Bara Tal a large lake constructed in 18th century AD. The lake is spread in 2 square km area built for solving the drinking water problem of the region. 

Some other tourist attraction spots of Mahoba are Yajna Mandap, Manaiya Devi Temple, Gokhar Hill and Belasagar Lake. 

Some surrounding tourist attractions of Mahoba: 

Khajuraho: an ancient tourist destination popular for different architectural temple is at 61 km distance from Mahoba. Because of ruined conditions of temples only 25 shrines are survived today. However, their structure is still strong and can hold for more years. Most of the shrines are dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

Kalinjar: next close tourist destination is Kalinjar at 109 km distance from Mahoba. Kalinjar is popular for strong fort built in 15th century. Most important spot of Kalinjar is Aman Singh Palace, though it is converted to museum now. Some more spots of Kalinjar are Neelkantha Temple, Patal Ganga, Sita Sej, Pandu Kurd, Bhairon Ki Jhariad and Koti Tirth.

Chitrakoot: one historical and religious place of India is Chitrakoot at 127 km gap from Mahoba. If you are known to Hindi slangs then you might hear “Chitrakoot Ke Ghat Par Bhai Santan Ke Beed”.  This means the ghat in Chitrakoot is religious and countless saints reach the pond to take religious bath. This place is mentioned in Ramayan the Epic which means the place is having huge importance for religious people of India. Lord Rama and Devi Sita spend their valuable years in Chitrakoot so it’s a holy place overall for the visitors. River Mandakini is flowing from this area and several ghats are important areas to visit in Chitrakoot

Attain Mahoba: 
By Air: closest airport to reach Mahoba is domestic airport Khajuraho at 65 km distance. Flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and many other cities are available for Khajuraho

By Rail: Mahoba city is properly linked to metro cities of India through railway. The broad gauge lines allow fast express trains to cross this important city of India. Some big trains to reach Mahoba are Bundelkhand Exp runs between Gwalior to Varanasi, Mahakaushal Express runs between Delhi tJabalpurand some more.

By Road: UP government has constructed the broad roads from Mahoba to various parts of the nation. SH (State Highway) 44 is passing through Mahoba city and direct buses from Chitrakoot (125 km), Kanpur (155 km), Lucknow (240 km), Jhansi (165 km), Allahabad (245 km), Banda (52 km), Khajuraho (65 km) and Kalinjar (130 km) are available for Mahoba.