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Kovalam - Beach City of Kerala

As Indian tourist places are world famous and beach cities are on top in such list. Today we are going to discuss about the Kovalam city located at 16 kms distance from Capital of State Kerala. The word Kovalam means coconut trees grooves. It is basically a spectacular beach city turned as most demanding tourist place since 1930. The city is that popular that people who never visited the place are also aware of the name of Kovalam. People love nature and peaceful areas must visit the city. There are round 4 sandy beaches in city.

The known 4 beaches of Kovalam are Samudra, Kovalam, Hawa and light house. If you are reaching the city then you must reach to massage parlors in Kovalam because the city is famous for Ayurvedic massages and yoga treatments. Many people reach cities of Kerala for mental peace, meditation and herbal messaging. These all features are available in Kovalam city.

As there are beaches so you will find lots of sea items in the local market of Kovalam. Reach the shopping centers and get the handicrafts, shank and many sea related products. City is also famous for making Rose and teak wood sculptures.

Attraction of Kovalam:
Hawa Beach: One of the best beaches of India is Hawa beach which is also recognized as Eve's Beach. The calm shores with sandy beach are always able to give different feeling to voyagers. Kovalam beach and Hawa beach are connected to each other though Edakallu foreland is the only partition that states the areas of both beaches. Sunset is the best thing to watch in Howa beach.

Light House Beach: Another spot for visitors in Kovalam. You have to move towards south direction of Kovalam to reach amazing Light House Beach. A big tower named as Vizhinjam lighthouse is the reason behind the name of beach. Travelers are not allowed to enter in the light house but they can enjoy the surrounding area and the memorials located in this area known as Ayyanappilla Asan and Ayyippilla Asan.

Samudra Beach: A beach known as Samudra is available for you on 3rd position of tourist attraction. Move towards north portion of Kovalam city. This scenic beauty spot is popular for fishing and buyers can have lots of vessels at this place.

Ponmudi: A place located at gap of 61 kms is next tourist destination of Kovalam. Ponmudi is completely covered with scenic beauty spots. The high hills and beautiful sceneries are most attractive points of Ponmudi.

Attaining to Kovalam:
People coming from Trivandrum to Kovalam have to cover the gap of 11 kms only, though Kochi/Cochin is 212 kms far, Coimbatore is 392 km away, Bangalore is 717 km distant and Chennai is 736 km far.

By Train: Closest big railway station for Kovalam is Thampanoor (Trivandrum). The distance between Kovalam and Trivandrum is only 15 km. Trivandrum is another tourist destination linked to major cities of India through train. Trains for Trivandrum are available from Bangalore, Kanyakumari, ChennaiNew Delhi, and Mumbai.

By Air: Closest International airport is Trivandrum (TIA) located at 11 km distance from Kovalam City. TIA is properly connected to major cities of India and also serving the services to abroad nations such as Singapore, Colombo and gulf countries.

By Bus: Roadways services of Indian states are famous for their services. Kerala Transport Corporation is having direct buses for Kovalam from different parts of the state. However, many big states are also having direct buses for Kovalam city. Trivandrum is the major hub for train, air and buses so voyagers can easily get the train for this big city from their end. Frequent buses to Trivandrum are available from BangaloreMaduraiChennai and Nagarcoil. 


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