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Kuchaman - Rajasthan

Kuchaman is the famous city of Rajasthan comes under the region of Nagaur. There are some popular Havelis constructed in Shekhawati style. The fort of the city is also major attraction for travelers. This 1100 years aged fort was constructed in 9th century under the supervision of Rathore Ruler Zalim Singh. If you have planned to visit the Kuchaman fort then don’t miss the fresco painting designed on the walls of the fort.

950 is the vital year in history of Kuchaman as Chauhans from Ajmer moved towards the Gurjar Pratihars. In the similar centuries, the Gaurs of Rajasthan won and took control of the fort. However, Rathores forced them to surrender.

This place is vital tourist destination of Rajasthan and one of the best tourism trains of India Palace on Wheels is also moving from this station. Some of the havelis are also opened for the visitors these days, though winter is the best time to reach Kuchamen so that voyagers can enjoy events conducted in Havelis.

Many big Bollywood movies shootings are done in Kuchaman fort like Drona in 2006, Jodha Akbar in 2008 and some shots of recent movie Highway are also taken in Kuchaman fort and nearby areas.

Attraction of Kuchaman City:
Kuchaman Fort: A strongly hold building of 1100 years age is available for you as first spot of tourism. The fort was constructed in 9th century by ruler Zalim Singh of Rathore Empire. The altitude of 1000 feet from ground makes it special location. The breathtaking view of city from top of fort can be memorable moment of your life. Fort is renovated according to world class loading facilities for travelers. We can say voyagers are going to enjoy the city in their own cultural style.

Meera Mahal: Another amazing spot of city is Meera palace. As its name suggest this palace is dedicated to Meera Bai the famous poet and devotee of lord Krishna. Amazing wall paintings and beautiful construction is attractive things of palace. This Mahal was constructed by ruler Ranjit Singh and it also includes the temples of Gurus and Lok Devtas.

Lok Dev Temple: A shrine constructed by Ranjit Singh is another spot for travelers. This shrine is again having best paintings on wall. Paintings of Sant Gogaji, Sant Ravi Das, Baba Ram Dev and Sant Kabir are popular in the region.

China Pole: A pole area comes on 4th tourist attraction spot of Kuchaman city. It was constructed by the Chinese voyager who desired to relate his journey experiences of Kuchaman in different manner.

Kuchaman city is popular town closer to Nagaur city located at few kms distance only. Jaipur is big tourist destination closer to Kuchaman as it is located at gap of 145 kms only. Ajmer town is only 101 kms away from Kuchaman. Average population of town is 55000 so we can say its not much crowded. Major business of town is Salt.

Attaining to Kuchaman City:
By Air: Closer big airport is Jaipur serving many cities with frequent flights.

By Rail: Closer big railway station for Kuchaman city is City Bikaner positioned at only gap of 115 kms. Trains from New Delhi, Bhopal, AjmerJaipur and other cities are available for Bikaner.

By Road: Rajasthan cities are properly connected to major cities of India. RSTC (Rajasthan State Transport Corporation) is having buses for Kuchaman from Bikaner (115 km away), Jaipur (145 km away), Jodhpur (250 km far), Ajmer (90 km far) and New Delhi (440 km far).