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Pelling - Hill Station of Sikkim

World is full of tourism and India is best among all. If you are looking for vacations destination then try Pelling. That is the small but astonishing town of Sikkim state, India. The good altitude of 2150 m that is equal to 7200 feet makes this wonderful spot favorite location for visitors. Pelling is only 10 kms away from Geyzing the district headquarters of Sikkim. However, there are not much places for travelers but the town is well-known hill station of India getting huge crowd every year. The roads are under repair and new routes are designed to reach Pelling easily.

The best part of Pelling is you can view the Himalaya ranges specially the Kanchenjunga hill from this spot. Kanchenjunga is world’s 3rd highest peak so definitely visitors are going to enjoy the snow covered hills from Pelling. Trekkers can do the exciting trips in Pelling as there are lots of hills for trekking.

Gangtok is 115 km distant from Pelling that is another tourist attraction. Siliguri is just 135 kms away from Pelling. Gangtok and Siliguri are two spots that are linked to big cities of India through train and air. To reach Pelling from mentioned cities you can hire jeeps or private taxis. Kalimpong, Jorethang and Namchi are 3 other cities popular for sightseeing.

Attraction of Pelling:
Pemayangtse Monastery: Initial place of the destination is Pemayangtse Monastery popular as Buddhist monastery. It is located at the altitude of 6840 feet. This oldest monastery of Sikkim was constructed under the supervision of Lhatsun Chempo. In the beginning this monastery was constructed with small structure, though Jigme Pawo increased the area and constructed again with bigger plans.

Kaluk: Another spot of Pelling is Kaluk one of the famous spots of Sikkim region. Located at 26 km distant from central part. It is recognized for Bersay Rhadodendron Park also popular for endless natural resources. Nature lovers identify the place as haven.

Khecheopalri Lake: Next location is Khecheopalri Lake that is sacred lake positioned in north-west side of Pelling. Some big names of this lake are Kha-Chot-Palri, Wishing Lake and Sho Dzo Sho. Meaning of each word is same such as “oh ladies please sit here”.

Dubdi Monastery: A historical place known as Dubdi Monastery is next attraction of Pelling also recognized as Yuksum Monastery. This Buddhist place is located in Nyingma Sect that is closer to Yuksum. Construction period of monastery is 1701 and early name was Hermit's cell.

Sewaro Rock Garden: A garden that is built and managed by tourism department of Sikkim is next place for visitors. The favorite things to watch in garden are pools, rocks, Zig-Zag foot paths and leisure services such as swimming pools, cafeterias and viewpoints.

Sangachoeling Monastery: Pelling is famous holy place especially for Buddhist people. There are countless monasteries and Sangachoeling Monastery is one of them. Its located at 7 km distance from Pemayangtse Monastery. Experts suggest this monastery is listed in 2nd place of oldest monastery of state. Distance between Pelling city and monastery is only 3 kms. 

Singshore Bridge: A nursery that is available with greenery is next place. Singshore Bridge is 198 meter bridge placed at 5 km distance from city. However, entry is paid here but its nothing when we compare the view of city from the bridge. This uppermost bridge of state is 2nd highest gorge suspension bridge of Asia.

Rimbi Waterfalls: If you love natural spots and like swimming then you should attain to Rimbi Waterfalls that is only 12 km far from Pelling city. Once you reach this place you must attain to Darap Village as well that is only 5 km away from Rimbi falls. Rimbi River is the major source for waterfall and the dense forest is also very attractive in such location.

KNP (Khangchendzonga National Park): A best park of Sikkim positioned in north direction of state spread in 850 square km. The height of this park is 1800 meters to 8600 meters that lists the park in highest national parks of India.

Darap Subba Village: A decorated and properly managed village known as Darap Subba is available for you at only gap of 6 km from Pelling. You have to pay a fee for entry in the village and you have to go towards Yuksum city to reach the place. Village is popular for Limboo Community, though there are many small families living in the town such as Bhutias, Tamangs, Chettris, Rais, Lepchas and Gurungs.

Some more locations that are easily reachable from Pelling are Rabdengtse Ruins (monument), Changey Waterfall, Mayong, Dzongri, Rinchenpong, Kanchenjunga Falls, Hee Burmiok, and Yuksam (hills).

Attaining to Pelling:   
If you start your journey from Pune for Pelling then you have to cover the distance of 2300 kms, though Kalimpong is 85 km far, Gangtok is 110 km away, Guwahati is 561 km and Shimla at 114 kms distance.                             

By Train: No railway station is there in Pelling because of difficult routes. However, closer railway station for Pelling is New Jalpaiguri linked to many cities of India like Alipur, Chennai, Howrah, New Delhi and Darjeeling. Trains for New Jalpaiguri are available from Dhupguri, Bhagalpur, Malda, Kishanganj, Katihar, BangaloreNew Delhi, Malda, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

By Air: Airport closer to Pelling is Bagdogra located in Bagdogra town. The distance between Pelling and Bagdogra is 124 kms. Flights from ChennaiGuwahatiKolkata and Mumbai are available for Pelling.

By Road: Buses from New Jalpaiguri and Bagdogra are available for Pelling. However, some big cities like DarjeelingShimla and some more cities are having buses for Pelling.