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Traveling India for amazing tourist destination could be best thing as countless spots are accessible in India having diverse features. Jalpaiguri is the one we will discuss here. Located in region of West Bengal is turning as favorite location for people who love adventures. Jalpaiguri is positioned at altitude of 75 m in middle ranges south Himalayas.

Teesta River flows from Jalpaiguri (2nd biggest river of West Bengal) and nearby spots of river are properly managed by administration hence people can spend their time at river side also. Few more rivers flows from Jalpaiguri area are Dharala, Karala and Panga. Among three Karala is the smaller river flows through centre part of Jalpaiguri.

The city was named from the phrase of Bhutanese language originated for trading centre. Some people believe Jalpaiguri word is originated from Bengali word Jolpai which means Olive.

As mentioned city was originated for trading and it’s a hill station so the production of Tea is naturally done in large amount. Tea farming became the key profession for local people in Jalpaiguri in late 19th century. City got connected to big other cities of India and abroad when East India Company found the region and started trading tea to various parts.

Jalpaiguri comes on the route of Kolkata to Darjeeling so most of the trains cross the station known as New Jalpaiguri. For voyagers countless spots are available in Jalpaiguri such as Jalpaiguri Rajbari, Nawab Bari, and some more.

Attraction in Jalpaiguri:
Tea Gardens: plenty of tea gardens are available in Jalpaiguri and most part of valley is covered with tea firming. The famous brand gardens of tea are Raipur Garden, Jaipur Tea Garden, Karala Valley and Denguajhar. Voyagers can easily reach to mention tea gardens to enjoy the greenery of Jalpaiguri.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary: another location for travelers located at only gap of 50 kms is Jaldapara National Park or Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. Travelers can enjoy the safari inside the park allowing voyagers to view live wild animals. Park was founded in 1941 having huge quantity of one-horned rhino of Indian breed. People can also watch the Royal tigers of Bengal, spotted deer and the elephants.

Gorumara National Park: one more spot is Gorumara National Park placed few kms distant from Jalpaiguri. This park is also recognized as rich wild life boasts 50 types of animals, 22 kinds of reptiles, 27 types of fishes, 193 species of birds, 7 varieties of turtles and some more animals.

Jalpaiguri Town Club: founded by officers of British East India Company is another destination for tourists. Town is covered with greenery everywhere and view of the city from club is amazing.

Jalpaiguri Rajbari: a palace surrounded with lakes is next holiday destination in Jalpaiguri. The brilliant structural design of palace attracts the voyagers. Presently government is taking care of the palace pond, which is known as Rajbari Dighi. Surrounding of lake the gardens are being constructed. Art gallery is available at spot known as SDRKK (Sarojendra Deb Raikat Kala Kendra).

Few more tourist attractions of Jalpaiguri are Lord Shiva Temple (also known as Jalpesh Shrine located at 15 kms distance), River Teesta side, Chiltapata forests, Nal King Fort, Jogomaya Kalibari temple, Jatileshar temple, Sarojendra Deb Raikat Kala Kendra, Karala Valley, Jalpesh Temple, Teesta Udyan, and Jubilee Park.

Attaining to Jalpaiguri:
Kolkata 550 kms away from Jalpaiguri, Lucknow is 973 km, Kanpur is 1035 kms, Nagpur is 1431 kms, and New Delhi 1475 kms away.

By Train: reaching Jalpaiguri is possible by reaching New Jalpaiguri railway station. However, this city is only 16 kms from Siliguri so travelers can also attain the train for Siliguri available from various cities of India. Kolkata is biggest railway station close to Jalpaiguri. To reach Kolkata travelers can get bus, train and other sources to reach from several cities of India. Train from Darjeeling is also available for New Jalpaiguri station.

By Air: domestic air hub located at Bagdogra is available placed at 20 minutes distance only from Siliguri. Flights from Kolkata,  Chennai,  New Delhi and Guwahati are available in frequent level. Helicopter service is also avaiable from Gangtok to Jalpaiguri.

By Bus: road access to Jalpaiguri is best way to attain the city. State Transport of WestBengal is providing direct buses for city. However, NBSTC (North Bengal State Transport Corporation), SBSTC (South Bengal State Transport Corporation) and CSTC (Calcutta State Transport Corporation) are also providing the buses for Jalpaiguri from various places of State and nation.