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Yumthang - Hill Station of Sikkim

The best Indian tourist place Yumthang Valley is our next target. As its name suggests this place is famous valley located in Sikkim State. Sikkim is full of amazing spots and Yumthang valley is one of them. Yumthang is famous for picturesque location and breathtaking sights. Flora and fauna are special attraction of valley. Some big names of flowers grown in this place are Primulas, Iris and poppies. Rhododendron flower is the only flower that is grown in Yumthang valley. The complete valley gets covered with rhododendrons flowers in monsoon. Teesta River is flowing through this valley.

If you are attaining to this place then target the major tourist spot Shingba Rhododendron Park. Once you reach here you can also attain to another tourism location Lachung. You can get the route of Chungthang to reach Shingba Park and for accommodation you can try for permanent guest house located in valley.

Attraction of Yumthang Valley:
Hot Spring: Hill areas are chilled with temperature and visitors will get similar conditions in Yumthang valley. However, the best scenic view and plenty of hot springs are must attaining spot of valley. The hot springs of valley are having best medicinal properties that mean if you take a dip in the spring your skin ailments will get cure. The finest part of these springs are they are always hot even in freezing temperature.

Singba Rhododendron Park: This sanctuary is spread in 43 sq km area, but you have to move towards north direction of Sikkim to reach this spot. Major population of valley is reaching this sanctuary on weekends and special occasions.

Shiva Mandir: Valley of Flower is another name of Yumthang. A temple of Lord Shiva located closer to Gangtok city is one more attraction of valley. Feeling of a holy place between greenery, valley or natural beauty is best. Temple of lord Shiva is spot where you should reach and take blessings.

Attaining to Yumthang Valley:
By Road: Yumthang valley is just 150 kms away from Gangtok (capital city of Sikkim). Private taxis and buses are available for valley from Gangtok. If you really want to enjoy the place then hire the jeep for your troop. Siliguri is another also closer city to reach valley destination.

By Train: Jalpaiguri railway station is available that is connected to some big stations of state. Siliguri is also the option having connectivity to big cities. Trains for Siliguri and Jalpaiguri are available from Chennai, New Delhi, Guwahati and some more places.

By Air: domestic airport of Siliguri is the only way to reach Yumthang valley by air. Airport named as Bagdogra is located in outer area of Siliguri. Big cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Guwahati are having frequent flights for Siliguri. Kolkata is the closest international airport to reach Siliguri. 

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