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Thar Desert - World's 18th largest subtropical desert

The desert is always a special place and it becomes more interesting if the tourist guide is available for you.

You might hear about the Thar Desert (“Thar Marusthal” in Hindi) a wonder dry area of India. This Indian tourist place is becoming familiar to the voyagers because many tourist points are opened by the state government for the visitors. It is the part of Rajasthan villages connecting India with an international border of Pakistan. Camel riding and walk on open long desert is an amazing experience. However, you should move with experts otherwise chances are there for missing in the desert. Thar Desert is 18th world’s largest subtropical desert.

You will be surprised when you come to know that Thar Desert is spread in 77,000 square miles area. It is the landscape of desert scrub and sand dunes lined with small colorful towns. Sandstone forts are also amazing structural monuments available in this area. Maximum portion of desert is in Rajasthan State, India. The cities of Rajasthan are easily connected to several parts of India so reaching the destination is not difficult task. Some big tourist travel companies are having packages for Thar Desert trip which is another benefit for the voyagers. You can select the plan according to your choice so don’t wait any more and get the best tour trip offer for this wonder place of the world.

Day trips are available for the spot and guides are also accessible on the location. Reach JodhpurJaisalmer or Bikaner as these are closer point for Thar Desert. Some travel firms are providing half-day tours for this place and they will take the voyagers in desert at sunset time. Going for full day trip will provide lunch, visits of villages and watching cultural programs of Rajasthan. Wildlife spotting along with bird watching is two other interesting events that you can do in desert.

Full night camel safari: 
As you have planned to visit the best Indian tourist place so must enjoy the full night camel safari conducted by various travel firms. The best feature is you can book camel safari for two, three or more days through these agencies. Just imagine, you are sleeping under the sky in night on cool sand. Camps are arranged at such period in which a small light will be there and you will be enjoying watching stars-filled sky for whole night. If you go through reviews of previous visitors you will find it is one of the best experiences of the life to watch open sky without any interruption of lights or sound from villages or nearby towns. Don’t forget to get the sun block to protect yourself from direct rays of sun. Get a cool hat and wear lightweight clothes of light colors. Take ample of water so that thrust will not disturb you to enjoy your trip. Temperature of desert is different than other places so if you are staying in night then you should check with operator to carry enough blankets. The temperature changes rapidly in the desert after sunset. Of course, you are not habitual with camel ride so you might face aches and back pains because of camel companion. Take some pain relief medicines for your comfort.

Another surprise for you in this desert is if you are not able to take camel ride then prefer the luxury train tour. The two big luxury trains crosses the area are Maharaja Express and Palace on Wheels. Reach Delhi to start your journey because both trains starts and ends at Sarai Rohilla station of Delhi. Train will halt at various stations of Rajasthan in which Jaipur, Bikaner and Jodhpur are major stations. These trains are fully prepared with separate cabins, restaurant cars, air condition rooms and WiFi internet connectivity. You can enjoy the hot weather desert while sitting in AC cabins of the best Indian trains. However, the trains are expensive compared to other methods of entertainment for Thar Desert.

Best period to attain Thar:
Weather is always a concern in Rajasthan and summer is period when people avoid reaching the dry areas. Spring season is extremely hot as well like summer. If you attain to this place in summer or spring season then you might face the hottest temperature of 110 degrees. Avoid your journey between April-June months as they are extremely hot months of Indian climate. Attaining to Thar between October-March is preferred by experts. However, you have to be careful at night time because the temperature gets low in night.

Salt water ponds:
Thar Desert is popular for salt water ponds/lakes as well. Some popular lakes are Lunkaransar, Sambhar, Tal Chhapar, Pachpadra and Falaudi. Local administration is producing Sodium chloride salt from the water of these lakes. Didwana lake is used to produce Sodium Sulphate salt.

Attaining Thar:
By Train: Rajasthan cities are properly connected to various parts of nation through trains. However, Thar Desert is not having own railway station, but you can attain to Bikaner the closest big tourist place of state. Direct trains for Bikaner are available from Delhi, Bhopal, Jaipur, Ajmer and some north Indian cities.

By Air: Jaipur is the closest big international airport for Thar Desert. However, you have to reach Bikaner from Jaipur to enter your destination. Jaipur is having frequent flights from various cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and many more. International users can get the flights from Dubai, Bangkok and some eastern nations.

By Road: Road is the most convenient transport mode of India and Rajasthan roadways is popular for their services. You will get the direct bus for Thar Desert area, though reaching BikanerJaisalmer or Jodhpur is best option for the location. 

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